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Attention and Care always cares about any item you ordered whether went through to arrive safely at your doorstep. After an order is placed on Zacoo by you, the order is streamlined into our system that checks and double-checks quality, from the sourcing to the delivery.


Sourcing Your Products

Located in China and with office in Zhejiang and Beijing, Zacoo has the advantages of sourcing the right product from the vast variety of products market. Acting as a buyer, negotiator and quality controller, our product sourcing specialists is committed to  source products from professional manufactures with good reputation and reliability to ensure you get the right products, at the right price, and at the right time, all with you, the customer, in mind.
Zacoo is also plugged into the market news wires for hot new lines, the latest designs, and the best quality and fashion products.

Testing Your Products

 Before the products being stored in Zacoo’s warehouse, an exhaustive Q.C. procedure is going to be placed on all products, though our suppliers are all trusted manufacturers of quality items.

1.Strictly following the products documentation, our stock keeper is busy with verifying and checking the total number and specifications of products sold in items by items including product’s material, color, shape etc.. If the items are all accord with product documentation, they will write the product’s code and required subpackage quantity on the outside of the package. Otherwise, our products sourcing specialists will negotiate with manufactures to return for the right products.

2.Our subpackage staffs distribute the big package into small package and meanwhile picked out any defective items.

3.Seal storing and Labeling:Recheck each subpackage  to make sure the right quantity and weight and then label product code, retail quantity in each subpackage. Until then the products will go on the shelf.

Processing your Order

When you “Place an Order," our service specialists are at spring into action and immediately begin processing your order. They carefully examined your order details and mailed the verified order information to products sorter in Zacoo warehouse. Meanwhile, an email confirmation of your order will have already arrived in your inbox. 

1. Our skillful product sorter will quickly select your products from our shelves.

2.  Our team member do a thorough check to match order slips correctly with the original online purchase confirmation, then enter and print the order details including order number, product code, subpackage quantity etc..

3. Another team members review the product pulled from the shelf to make sure it checks out with the product listed. Meanwhile give your product another inspection, inside and out, following strict protocols and requirements.

Packing Your Products

Zacoo’s packaging and delivery team runs like clockwork. Items are always carefully inspected for any manufacturing and design defects before they're shipped off to ensure that the item you fell in love with online is the item you receive from our courier.

Zacoo’s packaging team member is packaging the order, doubling-up (and often more) on the bubble wrap and tape. Next, it's out the door in safe hands with our trusted and verified couriers. 

Tracking Your Products
Once your product leaves our doors, we keep on tracking it until it reaches yours. Zacoo’s customer service team is always working behind the scenes to address your every need and query. We track your shipments real-time, and are available at your convenience to answer any questions, whether by email, live chat, or over the phone. No matter the issue, we're always here to serve you. 

A flowchart clearly illustrated the whole process we serve for you--