Stand Out at Your Halloween Party with Wonderfully Frightening Jewelry


If you want to be the stand-out at your Halloween party, it’s not early for you to prepare for it. To have an eyes-catching frightening jewelry should be in your party preparation list.

Now dream up your jewelry ideas as scarlet and frightening as you can imagine. Then shop the necessary beads and supplies. You may needs to add new techniques to make your inspirations more complex and interesting.

By addition that, why not think about chain mailles. Those simple jump rings may always bring you surprise and miracles in the ends.

With plenty of time and our exclusive recommendation of Halloween themed beads and supplies, you can expect to be the most eyes-catching in the party.

Simple Tips to Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

Fashion wigs and various hair extensions is one of the  new product lines of

Maybe you tired of the same hair style of yourself, but on the other hand, to make new hair styles in salons is not a wise choice.  Try our wigs and haire extensions to make a different you.

Step 1 When braiding your extension in, it is recommended that you choose from one of the following styles. A tree braid, braid weave or French braid. It is generally recommended that you pick the one which you are most comfortable with as this will lead to best results; especially if it is your first time.

Step 2 Pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure it using a clip. Ensure that your hair is tight, however not too tight as you will need to keep it back for some time while you apply the extensions.

Step 3 Now you need to lift sections of hair from underneath the ponytail. Please note that each layer that you lift should be around the length of your hand in width. Now proceed to place the weft right underneath it. Certain stylists recommend you should always place parallel sections above each weft; however that is a judgment call that you can make through looking at samples.

Step 4 This step is called blending and refers to the process of making your hair and the extensions look like they belong together. One way you can do this is to curl your hair and the extensions. Should you decide to either curl or straighten your hair using hot curlers then you should only do this on your natural hair, and then use a curling brush to interweave the synthetic hair extension into it.

Step 5 Place a hair extension into the bottom of the ponytail to finish. This should go between the underside of the ponytail and just below where the synthetic hair starts. You should then fluff out the hair with your fingers until it sits naturally.

Catch the Color Trends for Fall 2012 with Glass Pearls

Autumn is coming as well as the Pantone color report for Fall 2012.
Twice a year, Pantone comes out with a fashion trend color forecast, based on what’s happening at New York Fashion Week in the spring and the fall. These color trends then pave the way for many of the season’s best fashion and jewelry designs.

The Pantone color report for Fall 2012 is all about fantasy and illusion bringing in an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals! I strongly recommended our product line-glass pearls, where you will find the exact or similar fashion color of Fall 2012.

Happy Beading&Learning: To Make Byzantine Chain Maille Earrings

Jump rings are basic and essential jewelry findings that are familiar with every bead jewelry makers and fans. Unlike shining beads and stylish focal pendants, they always are accessories in the whole project playing a role of connecting and jointing.

Indeed, it’s not the whole truth if you know chain mail jewelry which made all by those jump rings. Ever seen the chain mail used as armor in movies or museums?

Chainmail was first worn in the middle ages by knights as protective armor in battle. Gradually, various ornate chainmail weaves and ring patterns have come into modern use for fashion jewelry to make stylish chokers, necklaces and bracelets.

So today, collect your jump rings and follow Zacoo’s Happy Learning & Designing to make a basic chain mail weaving pattern – Byzantine Chain Maille.

See the inspiration i made using this technique, it has a beautiful name -Falling Down Meteor Earring

Step 1 Open jump rings and set aside for use later.

Step 2

Slide four jump rings on to one open jump ring (shown in red). Close the jump ring.

Step 3 Add a second red open jump ring through the same four closed jump rings. Split the jump rings into pair as shown in the illustration.

Step 4 Attach a paperclip or a head pin through the two end jump rings. That will help you to pick up the jump rings chain more easily.

Step 5 Flip the two blue jump rings to the direction of the jump rings at the beginning (shown in black) .

Step 6

Push the last two jump rings (shown in red) apart to form the shape as the picture shown.

Step 7 Attach a jump ring through the two blue jump rings.

Step 8

Continue to add a second jump ring (in red color) that with the same position as the first one.

Step 9 Add two groups of jump rings (the two blue ones and the two red ones) as shown in the pictures. We can see that they are the same with that in Step 3 and Step 4.

Step 10 Repeat Step 5 and step 6 to make a make a new unit of chain maille.

Step 11 Add three more jump rings through the previous two jump rings.

Step 12 Repeat Step 5 and step 6 to make another unit of chain maille until it comes to your desired length.

A New Round Jewelry Beads Discount is coming! Up to 65% Off!


A new round discount is coming!  Have your gotten ready to stock some beads and jewelry supplies with the ever lowest price?

More than 300 products of beads, charms, pendants, cabochons and cameos, ring settings etc. are among this special sales offer.

By addition that, the discount range is the biggest we can provide. From 30%, 40% to 50% off, that’s not the end yet!

Click the “Enter”, and you will see 65% discounted products. They are all vintage items and worth you to have. As you know, vintage trends will never fade away.

Another new products line that I want to introduce is fashion wigs. You can try pony tail, long straight or curly wig,inclined or neat fringe or select some hair extensions and hairpieces to find a different you. 


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New Temptation of Fingertip- New Arrived Nail Art Supplies and Fashion Jewelry Watch

Maybe you think it’s a little bit late to release these new arrivals of nail art supplies. Well, I think nothing can be the reason to block you become beautiful or the obstacle to not enjoy the life!!

Just join us to catch the chance to make your life beautiful with nail art supplies. 3D nail art stickers, polymer clay nail art fimo slice with different themes, self-adhesive colored striping tapes etc. will definitely make your nail artful and dedicating.

Release the temptation of your finger tip and let your heart follow the styles of your nail arts. Be a style of pretty, elegant, wild or punk, only several minutes to make a delightful change!

On addition that, if you want your time becomes more colorful, don’t miss out our 100 more new fashion watches. Watches are in bright candy colors, silicone rubber material, and anion and led and mechanical drived selected. The most important, they are super cheap!! Only several bucks, you will have both a quality and fashion watch! WHY NOT!!

Did you miss our last email offer? Keep Calm and Carry On-Celebrate Olympics Spirit with Bold Color Beads

Happy Learning & Designing: European 4-in-1 Chain Maille

Europen 4-in-1 chain maille is one of the easy weave pattern in chain maille world. For new learners, this is a good choice to start out. It doesn’t need various tools as well as beautiful and functional beads, findings or some other supplies. Jump rings and two pairs of chain nose pliers are all your needs for tools and materials. If only you can open and close jump rings, you can make yourself an awesome European 4-in-1 chain maille cuff bracelet.

Below is a religious and spirituality cross cuff bracelet that using this classic chain maille weave. If you like it ,follow me to make this project.If you don’t like it ,also follow me to learn European 4-in-1 chain maille to create your own style :)

Step 1 Use two pairs of chain nose pliers or professional jump rings opening and closing tool to open jump rings.

Step 2

Open one jump ring and slide four closed jump ring onto it. Close jump ring and arrange the jump rings as shown in the picture.

Step 3 Open a new jump ring (the red one) and slide through the two top closed jump rings of the first unit jump rings finished in Step 2. Continue to slide another two jump rings onto the jump ring (the red one) in the middle.

Step 4 Arrange the jump rings shown as the picture.

Step 5 Slide a jump ring (the red one) to the two top jump rings of the second unit jump rings made in Step 3. Arrange them to the right position as shown in the picture.

Step 6

Repeat Step 2 to Step 5 until the chain maille comes to your desired length.

Step 7 This step shows how to widen the chain maille. By taking a start from one side of chain maille, you need to open a jump ring (the red one) and slide through the two right sided jump rings. Slide two closed jump rings onto the jump ring in red again and closed it, shown as the picture.

Step 8

Arrange the jump rings into the right position as shown in picture.

Step 9 Continue to slide a new jump ring (the red one) through the two top jump rings and the third jump ring in the right sided. Slide a jump ring and arrange its position as the picture shows.

Step 10 Repeat Step 10 until reaching the other end of the chain maille.

Step 11 This step shows how to make a closure for the project either for a bracelet or necklace. To attach a 2 strand clasp, slide two jump rings to the end of chain maille and then attach them to the ring of clasp. Close the jump ring.

Step 12 Repeat Step 11 for the opposite end of the bracelet. Congratulations, you have complete the European 4-in-1 chain maille !

Safeguard Faith and Devotion with Our Spiritual Items

Lots of us are one of the believers of religion that are differed with all kinds of spiritual symbols and signs such as cross, angels, crowns, Christ etc.. A word or a sentence can also be your spiritual beliefs that accompany you every time especially you feel desperate.

This section if all about religious and spiritual items we selected for you believers. Cross charms, beads in various designs, jewelry beads that perfect for making rosary bracelets or necklace, prayer box and locket pendants to keep your inner peace or strength…

Moreover, we made new religious-themed jewelries and new beading techniques to get your ideas inspired.

The first one is chain maille cuff bracelet ! To learn how to make this bracelet, please follow our new beading technique of European 4-in-1 Chain Maille

When this chain maille bracelet jumped into your eyes, you wish you have it ! Made of jump rings in black and gold colors, this cuff bracelet is featured especially by the golden Cross symbol in the middle that is mapped with jump rings. It needs nothing but little more patience !!

The second one reminds of me four words to describe it : pure, clam, love and devotion!The design of cross charm is also matched naturally with glass pearls in light coffee color the oval link charm.

Is this the same feeling of you toward this earring when you see it at the first sight?

The third and the fourth one are one jewelry set . Both featured with cross charms and chains.

If you tired to have pretty and delicate styles earring, why not try to make this “Forever Faith” earring to bring yourself a sense of bold and wild. Use chains, cross charms and versatile links to make your inspiration unlimited.

The last one is a free style chained multi-strand necklace featured with different cross charms. Have a look at the chain necklace, i use chains with different shapes, colors, sizes. It’s full of fun !!

For more religious or spirituality style jewelry designs , just have a visit here with our topic page :

Big Season Promotion-60% Off for Vintage Glass Beads and 30% Off for Resin Flowers

August is the big season for jewelry beads and supplies selling as your daily dress needs more stylish jewelries to show your statement. With or without jewelry decorations is of great difference for your looking.
So for this big season, shop discounted and hot selling jewelry beads and supplies, save as much as 60% discount at

Selection includes a medley of styles such as foil-lined lampworked beads and pendants, environmental friendly high quality and delicate designed resin flower beads and cabochons, round acrylic beads, easy-to-made ring settings and bobby pins etc..

There’s something for everyone, but don’t delay, as those items are discontinued items that means, once it sold out, it will never come to stock!

First come, first enjoy!

Keep Calm and Carry On – Celebrate Olympics Spirit with Bold Color Beads, Message Pendant and Sport Charms

Olympics held in London are taking fiercely, just like the hot summer weather in north countries, like here in China. Though we can’t see competitions at the scene, the air around us seems be injected with strong Olympic spirit. People in all kinds of walks talked the same topic, sharing the sports, the new champion, and stories behind them. You love that atmosphere, right?

Yeah, that is Olympics spirit.

It’s the Olympics spirit that give Olympic athletes and sports much higher profiles and the increased attention they deserve.

It’s the Olympics spirit to build a peaceful and better world in these increasingly troubled time in which we live, with mutual understanding, spirit of friendship, solidarity, tolerance and harmonious.

You can use our colorful glass pearls to make sport-themed inspirations, or you can use our alphabate beads and message pendants to express the soul of  ”friendship”,”trust”,”believe”,”dream”,”good luck”and”honesty”etc..

You can also choose sport-themed zinc alloy charms to make fun bracelet.

Enjoy the inspirations we create especially for the Olympic Games:

No.1  Glass Pearls Olympics Spirit Necklace

No.2 Message Pendants Necklace

No. 3 Fun Zinc Alloy Sports Charms Bracelet

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