Do you know how to make your beaded jewelry more beautiful?

Beaded jewelry can be different with different will accessories and will create different effects, such as the use of wire to wholesale beads, to create different textures beads jewelry. Simple can be different sizes relative to thread beads with a metal wire, the more complex shapes needed to build the different coils, and its shape can be divided into empty-handed use of tool changes shape and form two. By torsion, spiral, and wrapping techniques to complete the work in series beads, which are all personalized performance.

metal beads

You can also use silver with jewelry beads and pearls, fresh noble, not rigidly adhere to stereotypes. Of course, you can whim, or the whim of the creative work in the bead color on top of twelve feathers, adding to the Indian style, or the string of beads at the same time, add some texture of small shells , set off a small pendant, transparent crystal beads make even more tender and beautiful eye-catching. The jewelry findings including: steel wire, copper wire, 0.3mm or 0.4mm fishing line, leather cord, 2mm small beads, collar (necklace), hand ring (bracelet used), ring (rings only), Button (with clamp), 9-shaped pin, block beads, frosted beads, multicolored pearls, abacus diamond crystal, multicolored pearls, multicolored pearls, tube beads, crystal and other water droplets. Tools for jewelry making: beads collection boxes, bead needle, tweezers, scissors, needle nose pliers and so on. Beaded accessories: necklaces head, bracelet bead clasps, blocked beads, necklace clasp, and other decorations.

bead caps