The usage of bails and terminators in jewelry making

Jewelry Findings refers to jewelry components used to put together and assemble jewelry. The description of Jewelry Findings is that it is a jewelry component that is functional in the construction or wearing of a jewelry piece. Jewelry Findings are used throughout the jewelry industry to collectively describe a variety of prefabricated items such as jump rings, bails, ear wires, crimps, chains, link locks, bead tips, pins and clasps.

Bails are the jewelry making findings hold your pendants in place and attach them to your necklace. Jewelry bails can also be used with pins and brooches. There are different types of Bails. They differ in size, shape and method that you attach them to the pendant with. Some bails can only be used with specific pendants and others can be used with many different kinds of pendants.

Ends sometimes call terminators. They are the jewelry findings that end your work. Memory wire ends fall into this category. There are all sorts of different kinds of terminators. Crimp Jewelry Beads cover ends, memory wire ends, leather and cord ends, ribbon ends, etc…. These things are all ways to connect your project piece either to a clasp, a jump ring, or to connect the piece together. These are also used to complete your existing project and end it completely.