The Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

I like looking back through my jewelry box at necklaces, bracelets and rings that I’ve kept through the years. In fact, any woman would be glad to look back their jewelry box, as each piece of jewelry has it’s history. The Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have you prepare the special gift for your mom? If not, why not beaded a piece of jewelry for her? Beaded jewelries are completely customized by the jewelry beads and the charms that you choose, so you can make truly unique gift for your loved mom.

on sale

on sale

As to beads, there are so many choose you can add to your design. We have posted a 5% off on sale. Have fun shopping from all of our discount beads, findings & supplies including glass beads, Pandora style beads, European beads, acrylic beads, Tibetan style beads, charm, a variety of stringing materials and more! Visit our online store to start shopping! Also, you can find more inspiration for Mother’s day handmade gift at my DIY jewelry blog.

Diamond in the Royal Wedding

Today is a special day for Prince William & Kate Middleton-the Royal Wedding. Best wishes to Prince William & Kate Middleton. God bless the queen! In my jewelry blog I had posted an article about the wedding jewelry trend in the royal wedding last week. What will be worn at the Royal Wedding is a hot question recently. We all know that Prince William presented Miss Kate with his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring, a fitting touch to honor the late Princess Diana. Diamond would be a highlight in the Royal Wedding.

Prince William & Kate Middleton

Prince William & Kate Middleton

A diamond is for love. It is the most popular gemstone for engagement rings, and also the gem for both the 10th and 60th marriage anniversaries. It was said that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds which have a magic that nothing else can ever quite equal. For centuries the diamond has had the unique status of being the ultimate gift of love. Today at the Royal Wedding, I believe, the diamond in the ring worn by the bride Kate Middleton would be the most shinning.

Rose in beads

Handmade jewelry bears different types of beads, which have been known to be made of glass, porcelain, gemstones, wood, metal, silver and even seed. The choice of bead, size and color is not dependent on the maker, but the jewelry designer who decide which type of piece being made.

rose in beads

rose in beads

In my DIY jewelry blog I had posted heart in beads yesterday, the heart shape charming beads can be perfect for Mother’s Day beaded jewelry gift. Continue, I will give your other beads that also make your Mother’s Day jewelry gift more meaningful. Today’s beaded jewelry inspiration comes from the rose in the beads.

The Mother’s Day is coming, some one has prepared the special gift here and there. We also have time. If you are planning to make a handmade jewelry for your lovely mother, I highly recommend the jewelry beads which have a rose in them, as the flower rose best represent love. Beading jewelry is fun, easy and surprisingly quick, you can get fun in the process of beading, at the same time, you can make a priceless gift to your mom. If these beads with rose can not give you inspiration, have a look at my site: to find more beads that you think is the most perfect for your mom’s gift.

The different between drop, charms and pendants?

When it comes to pendants, drops and charms, there are lots of choices like European bead charms (clip on charms), crystal drops, prayer box pendants… They are all jewelry supplies used in beading. Although you can use pendants, charms or drops in beading, here I remind all jewelry maker the technical differences between the three.

drop, charms and pendants

drop, charms and pendants

The first is the simplest. A jewelry charm is smaller the 25mm and does not have a fixed bail. Then it’s a drop. A drop has a top-drilled hole that goes from one side to the other. It does not have a fixed bail, loop or jump ring, and does not need to be modified in order to lay correctly when strung. Just look at the crystal in my picture.

Pendants are pieces that are 25mm or larger (not including the bail, loop or jump ring). If it does not have a bail, loop or jump ring, then its hole will be drilled or punched from front to back. If a pendant is smaller than 25mm, it will have a fixed bail or loop (Swarovski is the exception). Look at the Thomas and the Tibetan in my picture.

View more articles about beads, supplies, findings and jewelry making in my DIY jewelry blog:

New fashion Thomas Sabo style European bead charms

Which kind of pendants would be the most popular?

Shinning red color crystal pendants sparks like a red diamond

Who love green?

Good evening bead and jewelry lovers! Do your love the green color? I happen to love green, it’s my favorite color next to purple. I had posted an article entitled “the colors behind the beaded jewelry” in my jewelry blog, we all know that the green give us the feeling of durability, reliability, calm, harmony, freshness.

Green color beads

Green color beads

Green color beads sell quite well! I’m flaunting this fantastic color. I’d like to share a few green color beads. The rondelle shape and the teardrop shape Chinese crystal beads are great for your beaded necklace or earring. Cabochons jewelry is hot this season, the green flower cabochons looks so cute and fresh, so why not add these lovely flowers to your jewelry designs?

View more of my jewelry blog articles at and also you can find more green color pretty beads at my website

Heart in beads

Mother’s day is coming, have you prepared the special gift to show your love to your mother? If not, I can give you some ideas. Jewelry always the favorite of all the women, so you can beaded jewelry pieces to your mother, as the handmade jewelry by yourself is more meaningful as a gift of mother’s day compared with the finished jewelry you buy on the jewelry shop.

heart in beads

heart in beads

Sure, there are plenty of style and shape of beaded jewelry out of jewelry beads. However, at this special moment, using heart shape beads to make a cute jewelry to your mother is great to show your love. No matter which kind of jewelry you made, necklace, bracelet, earring or a simple keychain, as long as you do, this special gift would be the most welcome. I think handmade a piece of heart jewelry is equal to the thousand times” mother, I love you”. Happy mother’s day & happy handmade DIY jewelry!

Where to find discount beads?

As the variety of beads and the available of the lower cost, handmade jewelry with beads is becoming hot recently. Wholesale beads, supplies, findings all the beading needs, but to some extent, the beads take the 1/4 of the cost used to buy beading needs, so purchasing discount beads can save lots of your cost. Today I will teach you where to find the discount beads for jewelry designs.



Visit jewelry shops in your area and check their item’s prices. Take note of the costs and discounts of their jewelry displays. Internet is always a good source for beads, in fact you can find everything you can imagine. When you get home, searching the beads you have found in the jewelry shops, you will find there is plenty of wholesale beads seller. What’s more the price is much lower, and many sellers also providing free shipping all over the world. is this kind of beading needs supplier. They have new products every week, and the beautiful beads are new design and delicate craftsmanship. The high quality of beads, the lower price, and the free shipping make this seller welcomed by all the jewelry making buyers.

Cheap but high quality jewelry beads from China

I am a jewelry beading beginner. I am always searching cheap beads online, as the internet is a good source of beading needs like beads, supplies, findings, in fact, apart from jewelry making supplies like wholesale beads you can find everything on the internet. In the last month I had beaded two pieces of jewelry, a bracelet out of Thomas style charms and a piece of necklace out of flower cabochons and some crystals, I am so glad I can do that. As the beading supplies is from the online shopping, so today I give the jewelry beginners some tips to help you buy the cheap but high quality beads on the internet.

There are so many buyers providing jewelry making supplies online, so it’s easy to find these sites, but I notice that not all the buyer providing free worldwide shipping. I believe lots of people like me know the fact that high shipping fee is cost when buying beads ans jewelry findings from outside domestic country.  And what should we buyer do? I had found a good site, free shipping due to their large sale per day. I highly recommended this online store providing cheap beads and discount beads, and the European beads and resin cabochons they offered are very charming, if you add these to your jewelry designs I think your finished jewelry would be the most eye-catching.

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton on Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey attracted the attention of all. The Royal Wedding schedule will officially begin at 11 a.m., when the couple arrives at Westminster Abbey for their marriage ceremony. And the Archbishop of Canterbury talks about the importance and significance of marriage ahead of the Royal Wedding at that moment.

The upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to take place on April 29, 2011 is not only a piece of cultural history, but a piece of fashion history. The crown? Heart or rose shape jewelry to show their deeply love to each other? … The jewelry choices made at the royal wedding are sure to be a matter of public interest. As picking the right wedding jewelry is a big choice for any bride.

Most royal experts agree it’s likely we’ll see a sparkling tiara on the tresses of this most famous bride. Because she has to. Every royal bride, from Princess Diana to the recent Swedish royal sensation, Crown Princess Victoria, has worn a tiara to their ceremony – a prized possession that comes from the coffers of their family’s personal stash. While the world will have to wait until next Friday 29 April 2011 to see Kate Middleton’s wedding jewelry picks. Looking forward to the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton.


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How to choose pliers for your jewelry making design?

Pliers are a means of hand firmly holding objects for the compression cutting, bending, or physical. There are many types of clamps, each with a different application. Pliers come with a range of different forms “nose”, and some are equipped with springs to make them easy to work and give a greater degree of accuracy. springs allow you to organize your work.

Then the editor will introduce you some kind of pliers which are basic used in our daily life. And base on the information about the pliers, you can choose the one fit for you jewelry design.
Flat wide nose, flat jaw used for gripping and holding wire and creating angular bends. It’s ideal for opening and closing the rings.
round nose pliers jaws with two circles are small, which makes these pliers for complex curves in the wire and rings to go. I’m probably one of the most important tools for workers and wire.
China’s nose – flat nose pliers are used to grasp and move the details of the child, and in tight places. It’s very important that your jaw pliers have good metal – not knurled. One of the challenges of jewelry wire is to learn to avoid friction and cable problems with their instruments.
Cutter, if you plan to use a wire cutter and are essential tools for the jewelry. Find what you need to know about choosing the best extraction of its needs.
chain nose pliers with an elbow bent at 45 degrees to get into tight spots. It can also be used for small parts, and the opening and closing jump rings.
And now the most important thing for you is to check out the edges.

Happy beading with jewelry tools.

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