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How to choose pliers for your jewelry making design?

Pliers are a means of hand firmly holding objects for the compression cutting, bending, or physical. There are many types of clamps, each with a different application. Pliers come with a range of different forms “nose”, and some are equipped with springs to make them easy to work and give a greater degree of accuracy. springs allow you to organize your work.

Then the editor will introduce you some kind of pliers which are basic used in our daily life. And base on the information about the pliers, you can choose the one fit for you jewelry design.
Flat wide nose, flat jaw used for gripping and holding wire and creating angular bends. It’s ideal for opening and closing the rings.
round nose pliers jaws with two circles are small, which makes these pliers for complex curves in the wire and rings to go. I’m probably one of the most important tools for workers and wire.
China’s nose – flat nose pliers are used to grasp and move the details of the child, and in tight places. It’s very important that your jaw pliers have good metal – not knurled. One of the challenges of jewelry wire is to learn to avoid friction and cable problems with their instruments.
Cutter, if you plan to use a wire cutter and are essential tools for the jewelry. Find what you need to know about choosing the best extraction of its needs.
chain nose pliers with an elbow bent at 45 degrees to get into tight spots. It can also be used for small parts, and the opening and closing jump rings.
And now the most important thing for you is to check out the edges.

Happy beading with jewelry tools.