Get Close to Zacoo:Dashan

Zacoo, though involved in beads and beads supplies industry in 2005, has a vigorous post-80s team that is creative, young, professional and approachable etc..
Are you likely to find a kind of expanded “about” page that includes information on individual employees? Yeah, they are dying to meet you too!
This week we tell something about Dashan, an overseas sales in Market Department.

Here is a little more about him, in his own words:
Hello, my name is Dashan Zhou, in Chinese it means mountain. I grew up in a small city of northwest China, then I went to a college in Beijing, after graduated, I found a job and work here.

Tell us about it (the city/town you live in)
My home town is Yan’an, it famous for Chinese revolution, it called red city. There are many historical remains in this city, like the house of many famous people who lived in.

Name 3 things you never leave home without.
Wallet, cellphone, glasses.

What do you do at
I am in charge of sales market, the job is about how to sale on global internet platform, like ebay and so on. My daily job is investigating the market of our products, upload the product to platform, and change the sale strategy to achieve the most sale goal.

What are your favorites products at
Resin flower cabochons are all beautiful and can create many different styles with them. They are my favorite products.

What’s your goal?
To grow up with the company together, the most wanted goal recently is to become the biggest seller of international platform in our business.

What are your interests outside the Zacoo?
Read novel, my favorite novel is John Christopher by Romain Rolland
Play basketball and play SanGuoSha, a kind of board game developed by Yoka Games based on the western popular game of Bang. Integrated the three elements of history, literature and fine art, this card game demonstrates the stories in the Three Kingdoms Period.

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style

Devotion, brave, don’t talk too much.

Dashan’s Fun Facts:

If you want to know him from his team workers, I am sure  all words they can tell will be :

—–He doesn’t talk much.

—–He is a man of few words.

—–He is quiet at work and will not say a words as long as he wants to.

—–He is a man with lots of secrets.


yeah, maybe this is Dashan in most people’s eyes.

Well I know more than that…

He is generous, especially in front of the ladies :>

He is particular about his food and never eat the so-called junk food.

He is good at playing SanGuoSha, a very popular card game among the young.


I am sure I’ve piqued your interest of  meeting him?  Ok! Show you his photos…

A sunshine boy….
Tranquil and leisurely man…