Hot Beading Thread and Beading Cord

Beading thread and cord are all basically the base for any jewelry project you are working on.

Beading thread is a thin, strong fiber line used to stitch beads together in bead-weaving projects. There are many varieties available, including both natural and synthetic fibers, parallel and plied filament, thermally bonded, pre-stretched, and more.

They come in different strengths, flexibility and width and each is best for different beads and projects. Some are better to work with when using crystals, some better suited to seed beads. Therefore, when choosing the right stringing threads, you need to consider the weight of your beads and the size of their holes. While keeping in mind the need for movement and flexibility in your strung jewelry piece, it is recommended to choose the strongest stringing material possible for the types of beads you have in hand.

Beading cord is thicker than beading thread and is traditionally used for stringing, knotting, macramé, and crochet projects, or bead-weaving projects that use larger beads. Cord is sometimes used in place of string, thread or wire to make bracelets, necklaces and ankle bands. These are made with different materials such as cotton, nylon, leather, stretchy rubber as well as plastics.

My favourite one is round leather cord that is widely used when fashion and style come in to play. They have a finished look and are found in different colors so I am able to mix them with other elements and plans for some refined finished projects.

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