Size the Last Chance to Make A Halloween Featured Art Piece

It’s just several hours to embrace the crazy Halloween sleepless night.  Are you nervous that your online shopping beads for making a special project for this day are delayed for some reasons ? Are you not satisfied on your creations that you think it’s old fashion and couldn’t attract the attentions of others?

Don’t bother too much. Size the last chance to make a featured Halloween art piece by Zac00′s various digital collage sheets.

Digital collage sheets are kinds of products that have the latest pattern and designs to fit for all kinds of art piece themes.  Some are very stylish images created by artists home and abroad in different periods, some are our visual designers unique designs.

Unlike common products like jewelry beads and supplies, they are fast in delivery, less paid and easy in making unique project. Once you have select your desired collage sheets and complete the payment, you can directly down lode the digital version for this piece.No shipping fee, no handing fee, no time-delaying and no kidding !!!!

For the sake of saving time, have a look at fast way tutorial of making digital collage sheets art piece. I am sure you can get more inspirations in the last several hours with that adorable images.

Three ways of dealing with digital collage sheets:

1. Using glue-on bails and cabochons :

2.Using ring settings and glass cabochons:

3.Using antique brass sittings and mountings:

The possibilities are limited. Search the correspondent materials around you and replace some items that you are short of like glue-on bails, glass cabochons and settings.



Happy Learning&Designing:Glass Cabochon Pendant Tutorial

You must fond of the pure transparent glass cabochon with various sizes in round, square, oval and heart shapes.  They are really versatile in our daily DIY project.  Glass cabochon can be used with digital collage sheets and antique settings and mountings to produce a large collection of unique pendants. While today let’s introduce a fashion way to make glass peddle pendants: to use glue-on bails. It’s interesting and easy doing.

Let’s get started to learn this.

You will need: glass cabochons in various shapes, digital collage sheet or patterned paper, several glue-on bails, chains with any length you like, a pair of scissors , a clear crafting glue like E6000 Clear Adhesive Glue, Diamond Glaze, Crystal Effects, or Glossy Accents.

Step 1: Select the glass cabochons to the desired pictures and cut it out with scissors.

Step 2: Add some Diamond Glaze / Crystal Effects / Glossy Accents glue to the back of your glass cabochon. I use the E6000 Clear Adhesive Glue since I don’t have the above glues. Use sparingly, if you add too much it will bleed out the edges after you press the paper on.

Step 3:  Press your digital collage sheet  face down on the back of the glass cabochon .

Step 4: Press firmly to release any air bubbles.

Step 5: Distribute glue evenly on glue-on bails .

Step 6:  Attach the glue-on bail to the glass cabochon you’d made just now.


Step 7: Once it’s firmly in place, you can trim any excess paper from the sides with a pair of scissors. To protect the paper, we suggest applying a thin layer of Diamond Glaze to the back of the pendant as well.

Step 8:  Make adorable pendants the same way with square or oval glass cabochons.

Step 9: Attach the lovely pendants with any chain you like.

I made a bunch of these and they are wonderful! I love that I can pick one to match many outfits and they also make fabulous gifts!

To see more inspirations and tutorials, see Zacoo‘s Bead Knowledge Base.


Spooky and Featured Halloween Jewels by Fashion Artists and Genuines

Crazy Halloween is just around the corner. Have you prepared the spooky masks and costumes and to have yourself a subversion that impressed all people in the party?

Today lets share jewels art pieces by famous fashion genuine and artists and enjoy the strong atmosphere of Halloween Holiday ahead of time. Gath and tribal style art works of Pamela Love, sexy and seductive flash lips with shinning sharp teeth ring made by Betsey Johnson, Garrard’s inspiration of Magican Flame ring etc…

Each one would be a worthy collection for you to attend and indulge in the crazy Halloween Carnivals and parties.

Betsey Johnson Sexy and seductive Flash Lips with Shinning Sharp Teeth Ring

 Boucheron, Python Ring

Lydia Courteille, The Skull head ring in blackened gold, green garnets, black diamonds, antique amulets

Stephen Webster In Deep Spider Crab Crystal Haze Ring with Black Opal

Shaun Leane, Large Gold Hook Earrings

Shaun Leane, Gold & Ivory Enamel Eagle Claw Bracelet

Garrard Fire of London ring with spinels and diamonds

To see more jewelry pieces ,go and have a look at Zacoo Blog’s Photo Album.


Hot Deals:A Stylish Vintage Brooch on Your Autumn Dress

Autumn has been rain and chilly and it’s like winter is going to come soon. The sky is covered with grey clouds and the weather is mostly dull. The air becomes colder and the sun seldom shines. People also tend to put on thick clothes mostly in dark and grey colors. Autumn is season of gloomy and sadness.

Well to break out this dull and dreadful atmosphere is as easy as ABC. Add some accessories to your daily dress will make great effect to soften the chilly and gloomy air.

Today, I would like to display some brooch products and the shining and colorful inspiration made by them.

This kind of brooch can well attach with resin flower, resin cameos, digital collage sheets etc. since they all have a relatively flat setting.



To decorate them with chains, crystal beads, delightful charms will also make them more unique and fabulous.





Simple Vintage Glass Cabochon Ring Tutorial



It’s Friday! Get some jewelry beads and supplies prepared for the following weekend and make yourself a stylish and delightful jewelry pieces like rings, brooches etc.?

If you still don’t have come out an inspiration idea, why not follow me about this post to learn about making an vintage style ring with glass cabochon. You will see it’s as easy as a piece of cake.

Firstly, prepare for the materials and tools for this project. Get some vintage style ring settings and the correspondent glass cabochons. Selecting your favorite digital collage sheet and make it the same size with ring settings and glass cabochons.

All tools you need are glues and a pair of scissors. I use the E6000 Clear Adhesive Glue.


While for my experience, i highly recommend you to use Diamond Glaze, Super Glue or Sun and Moon Glaze etc for instead, as they are much easier to control and produces virtually no bubbles.

Add some glue to the center of the ring setting.

Stick tightly the digital collage sheet to the the ring setting.

Add some glue to the center of the collage sheet, then press the glass cabochon directly on the ring setting.

Press the glass cabochon still for several seconds for the purpose of squeezing the bubbles out.

 Congratulations! You have made a pretty night owls rings.

Wow….my other art works this afternoon…

Brithstone for October: Opal

Opal is the modern October birthstone and the accepted gem for the 13th wedding anniversary. It derives its name from the Latin word “opalus,” meaning precious jewel that treats the eye to an explosion of shimmering colors. It is said that opal is the multi-gem that has the colors of world.

Splendorous Colors

Once an influential people has quoted opal’s brilliant colors like that:

“There is in them a softer fire than the ruby, there is the brilliant purple of the amethyst, and the sea green of the emerald – all shining together in incredible union.  Some by their splendor rival the colors of the painters, others the flame of burning sulphur or of fire quickened by oil. “

For its unique ability to refract and reflect specific wavelengths of light, the Opal was called “Cupid Paederos” by the Romans, meaning a child beautiful as love. One legendary explanation for this gemstone’s origin is that it fell from heaven in a flash of fiery lightning.

Component and Origin
















Opal is made from non-crystallized silica, a mineral found near the Earth’s surface in areas where ancient geothermal hot springs once existed. As these hot springs dried up, layers of the silica, combined with water, were deposited into the cracks and cavities of the bedrock. This in turn formed opal. Most of the world’s Opal deposits are found in Southern Australia. Other sources of this gemstone are Brazil, Mexico, Czechoslovakia and Nevada.

Opals were valued also for their magical healing powers and the symbolic of faithfulness and confidence.  In ancient time, monarchs loved to set opals into crowns and Wear them in necklaces to ward off evil to protect the eyesight. It’s believed that opal jewels also can ward off nightmares.








This gemstone actually contains up to 30% water, so it must be protected from heat or harsh chemicals, both of which will cause drying and may lead to cracking and loss of iridescence. Opal must also be guarded from blows, since it is relatively soft and breaks easily.

I also add some jewels made of various natural opal in Zacoo blog’s Photo Album: Opal Jewels and our facebook community.

Besides, to find more resources of  gemstones and beading world here in Zacoo’s Bead Knowledge Base.



Glam up Your Fingers with Antique Touch

Similar to the recurrence of fashion trends of past decades, antique and vintage ring settings tend to be continuously reinvented in the same manner.Antique and vintage ring settings are grown to be popular as they can remain ultimate classic chic and will never go out of style years after years.

Antique and vintage fans would be wild with delight when they find that there are ten more antique and vintage style ring settings presented in Zacoo’s October New Arrival Lists with characters of intricate designs, less costly, well-built and high finishing etc.

This kind of  antique ring settings are featured with classic bow knot and  floral. You can just put in on your fingers and demonstrate a simple but classic style.

The  following delightful collection are all common ring settings and mountings of round and heart shape.  Each kind is available in all three colors of sliver, antique copper, antique brass to fulfill your various needs.


For people have special preference on stylish filigree workmanship ,the antique copper ring settings with complicate and intricate designs would be the best choice. Also this kind of ring settings can provide you more inspiration space. Designing it with resin cameos or resin flowers, adding delicate beads, pendants or charms are all worth to experiment.

Moreover, one thing you don’t need to bother about the size is that all ring settings are adjustable. So just take action and try every experiment to glam up your fingers.

Beading Tips: Basic Knowledge About Seed Beads

Seed beads are one of the most commonly used beads for jewelry making and decorating garments. This post is all knowledge about seed beads including its definition, national origin and development, sizes and unit of measurement, colors and finishes etc. which will definitely bring a clear understanding on the world of seed beads especially for beginners who wants to start his or her art project using seed beads.

Definition and National Origin

Seed beads are tiny pieces of glass cane tubes that have been heated until they are smooth. Available in hundreds of colors and many finishes, they are the “paint” of your loom and off-loom beadwork.

Before World War II, there was a thriving bead industry centered in eastern Europe, especially in Bohemia, before 1918 a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and a part of the Republic of Czechoslovakia  after, although Germany, Italy and France were also noted producers of glass beads.

Most contemporary high-quality seed beeds are made in Japan or the Czech Republic. Japanese seed beads are generally more uniform in size, shape, and finish as well as having larger holes than Czech seed beads of the same size, but the Japanese make fewer styles.

Size and Unit of Measurement

Seed beads range in size from 1.3mm to 3.3mm. Larger numbers mean smaller beads. The most common smaller sizes are 11/0 and 15/0, and the most common larger sizes are 6/0 and 8/0. The term “aught” refers to how many beads can fit into a standard unit.


Glass is the most common material used to fabricate seed beads, but some were made of metal, usually aluminum or steel, porcelain or tile.  They are often cut in what is known as “three-cut” faceting; these are popularly known as steel cuts. Usually a 10kg rod of glass will yield about 8kg of seeds beads.

Colors and Finish

Seed beads come in an endless variety of colors and finishes, so it can be daunting to pick out the perfect beads for the jewelry you want to make. The unique look and feel of each seed bead comes not only from color, but also from the perfect combination of finishes that are applied to the seed bead. Here is a glossary of seed bead finishes that will help you pick out the exact beads you need for each project you make!

Color-lined: clear or colored transparent beads with an opaque color lining the inside. These beads can achieve a fantastic depth of colors.

Metal-lined: clear or colored transparent beads with real metal or metal color lining the inside. The beads lined with real metal are often less likely to wear than the colored lining.

Silver-lined: clear or colored transparent beads with a silver color lining the inside, a popular variation of metal-lined. This finish reflects light to achieve a very sparkly finish.

AB or Aurora Borealis: an iridescent finish applied to the surface that creates a rainbow effect. Iris, Rainbow and Rainbow-lined are effects that achieve a variety of iridescent finishes similar to the AB finish.

Luster: a shiny glaze applied to the surface that creates a pearly effect. This finish is at risk of wearing away or fading.

Gold Luster: a variation of the luster finish that creates a metallic gold pearly effect. This finish is at risk of wearing away or fading.

Ceylon: a finish applied to the surface to achieve a milky, pearly effect. This finish is at risk of wearing away or fading.

Opaque: colored glass beads that are not transparent. Most opaque seed beads are very stable and resilient to rubbing or fading.

Transparent: clear, colored glass that can be seen through. It is important to keep mind of the color of thread you use with transparent beads as it will show through.

Matte: frosted effect etched onto the surface of the bead. Matte finishes combine beautifully with metallic, AB, transparent and opaque finishes. Matte finishes are very stable and usually resilient to rubbing or fading.

Galvanized: Zinc plating coats the surface of the bead to create a shiny metallic look. This coating is at risk of wearing away or fading.

Permanent Galvanized: similar to the galvanized finish, however the coating is permanent and often shinier. This is a great alternative to galvanized seed beads when used on a piece that will have a lot of friction with skin or fabric.

Metal-plated: metal-plating over glass beads.

Metal: seed beads made of metal. These beads have sharper edges than most seed beads, so use of Fireline thread is recommended. Metal seed beads have larger holes and function well as an inexpensive alternative to spacer beads.

Satin: fiber-optic tubular seed bead with slight striations. Made from a different type of glass than other seed beads, satin seed beads have sharper edges, so use of Fireline thread is recommended.

Opal: semi-transluscent finish that is often achieved with a dye on the surface. This finish is at risk of wearing away or fading.

Dyed: seed beads are coated with a dye that is often impermanent. Dyed seed beads in bright pinks, purples and reds are less stable and more likely to wear and fade.

Methods of Packaging

Seed beads are sold either by “hank” or by gram weight.

A  hank is unit bundle of strands of seed beads or bugle beads. A typical hank has twelve 20″ (51 cm) strands of beads. Different sizes and types of beads may be sold in hanks which have different numbers and lengths of strands. Different hanks (age, type, size) have had from 8 to 14 strands, and lengths have varied from 8 to 20 inches per strand.

Japanese beads are sold by gram weight, seldom by the hank. Buying Japanese beads by the hank usually costs about twice as much, therefore, they are not usually sold or purchased from Japan in this manner.

Share all knowledge about beads and techniques, keep more attention on Zacoo’s Bead Knowledge Base.


Fall/Winter 2011 Wedding Trends

Harvest time, wedding time… Are you prepare to get married in September, October and November? Are you still in search of what to incorporate on your wedding day ? Today, we’ll break down the coolest wedding trends for Fall/Winter 2011.

 Trends in Surrounding Decoration

Sheer layers , transparent looks, and lots of textures are key words of Fall Fall/Winter 2011 wedding trends for surroundings decoration.

There is a multitude of ways to incorporate sheer layers into your wedding. lucite chairs and accents , layers of sheer paper in your invitations, clear chandeliers, beaded bouquets, transparent tents etc can all create a soft, sheer look .

Mixing and matching elements and textures are on trends this season. Texture is all around us like sheers of lines, flowers or branches, paper accessories and lights etc.


Trends in Apparel

This season’s wedding trends feature a strong vintage appeal that adds to the romanticism of the wedding day. Keep high hem and short veils in mind when choosing your wedding apparel.

A higher hem is very in, and allows you to play up your choice in shoes. Flush your shoes with jolts of color or floral accents or vintage inspired blush-hued accessories.

Shorter cocktail dresses and 1950′s styles with tea-length skirts and sweetheart necklines will give your wedding a timeless appeal. Birdcage veils are a growing trend, especially for these cocktail-style wedding dresses.

Trends in Color

Sun-faded earth tones such as olive green, taupe, ivory, lilac and peach offer an additional element of vintage rustic appeal.

Rich antique shades such as royal purple, navy, emerald and dark crimson contrast the natural shades with a majestic beauty.

And don’t forget about pewter grey and charcoal. Their popularity continues to grow and will be a welcomed addition to your wedding color palate.

Trends in Jewelry

Whether your jewelry is actually an heirloom or just has that appearance, vintage jewelry completes the look.

Layered and cascading lariat-style necklaces and multi-stranded bracelets provide a gorgeous accent to complement the simpler dress designs.

Bold earrings and ornate hair combs with brass filigree add detail and brilliance while the classic appeal of gold and pearls provide an elegant touch.

Rich, jewel-toned crystals, rhinestones and gemstones are gaining in popularity, especially sapphires and emeralds in vintage-style engagement ring designs.

Follow the fashion elements of the above, whatever your style, if you’re an autumn/winter bride you’re sure to be fashionable.

Spooky Dark Night Bat Chain Necklace Tutorial

Hey, Halloween Holiday is only half month away. How’s your plan going on? Do you prepare a featured and spooky art project? If you still have no ideas then follow today’s post and make a spooky dark night bat chain necklace.

First, prepare for all the Materials:Crystal beads,antique style bat charm,chain,jump rings and head pins.To have your own style, you can make some change on colors, sizes or pattern of crystal beads.
Tools you may use are as follows

Now lets get started to do it step by step.

Step 1: Making five simple loops

Step 2: cut the same length chains using the side cuter. To be different, you can decided the length of the chain to create other effect.
Step 3: Add the crystals to the chains.
Step 4: Open and close a jump ring. Here you need to do this five times to add five jump rings on the bat charm.

Step 5: Connect the five chains with crystal pendants to jump rings one by one.

Step 6: Add the bat charm to the chain. Then you have finished your dark night bat chain necklace.
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