Happy Learning&Designing: To Make a square Knot Bracelet

Hi, it’s Happy Designing&Learning that everyone can enjoy happiness and learn something for a day, especially for the beginners of the splendid beading world.

Knot is one of the fundamental skills of jewelry marking. You would be surprised how different types of existing patterns, besides new patterns and complicated styles are created every day by the craft fans. Maybe you are fond of making your own knitting bracelet on the one hand, on the other hand you probably step back when you see the sophisticated patterns and textures. Well, though different and sophisticated the patterns and textures, they are all derived from the basic knot techniques.

So today, we will learn one of the basic knot techniques—Square Knot. Square knots used to make colorful single or multi-strands bracelet.It also allows you to string beads or pretty charms to add special feel for the entire piece.

Let’s get start !

Step 1 Begin by folding the cord in half and tying an overhand knot to create a loop large enough for your finishing overhand knots to go through.

Step 2 Pick another cord and put it under the overhand knot. Tips: You will need something to hold the cords while you work with it. You can attach your project to a key ring or clipboard.

Step 3 Make a knot with the two ends of the cords and create four cords. Then lift the left cord and lay it loosening under the two cords in the middle. Lift the right cord and lay it loosening over the two cords in the middle.

Step 4 Pull on both left and right cords to tighten the knot.

Step 5 Repeat steps 3 to make more square knots. Then you can string a bead through the two cords in the middle wherever you prefer.

Step 6 Tie the next square knot below the bead by making a knot by the right and the left cord.

Step 7 Repeat Step 3 and continue to create square knots until you have reached the desired length of the piece.

Step 8 Add glue to the finishing parts and prevent it from loosening and fraying. Let the glue dry. Then cut the two excess cords.

Step 9 Slide a bead through two cords in the middle and tie an overhand knot with them. Add glue to the finishing knot to prevent it from loosening and cut the excess cords.

Step 10 Congratulations! You have learned how to make a piece using square knot.

New Arrival: The Rich and Exciting Large Hole Glass Beads

In the end of this month, we bring a new product line of intricately detailed glass beads with large holes. They are really a fascinating and beautiful creation showing elements of other beads.  In the respect to material, it’s a kind of glass beads that has a rich color and various patterns. Like European beads, it has large hole that can slide easily over finished chains and fully compatible with Pandora-style chains and bail charms or findings.In additional to that, they adopt total handmade art craft process that enables each a unique look and precious value.

Sprinkled with dots, swirls, strips or abstract patterns of  color made of glass frit, these perfectly formed, handcrafted lampwork glass beads are tiny works of art.

If you love Pandora beads, you’ll adore these fantastic large hole beads.

Happy Designing&Learning-How to Use Crimp Beads

Crimp beads are basic element in jewelry-making project and are used to secure the start and finish of the strand working with jewelry wire, ribbon or leather cord. It can make your whole piece more beautifully and perfectly by hiding cord ends, jewelry wires. So follow me on this post about how to use crimp beads and try them in your designs.

Step 1:  String a lobster clasp or other ends of clasp on silver steel wire.

Step 2: String a crimp bead onto the steel wire through both the two ends to make a loop around the clasp.

Step 3: Keep the wires lying parallel to each other and squish the crimp bead with a flat nose plier.

Step 4: Gently squish the crimp bead into a flat surface.

Step 5: Use the wire cutter to cut off the small tail of the steel wire.

Step 6: Then you have finished one end of your jewelry piece and may string your beads onto the steel wire.

Now you can try this basic technique and use it in your designs.

How Can You Miss Out Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on Your Thanksgiving Party

How could you miss out fresh fruits and vegetables both on your good thanksgiving dinner and thanksgiving beading party ?

Fruits and vegetable style lampwork beads maybe the best choice for decoration in this special day. Splendorous in color and smooth in surface, fun and whimsical feel brought by bugs sculptured in each piece, these classic estate style  beads are all handmade beads with good quality and cheap prize.

The biggest character I want to mention is that each type owns several different colors that break through the common sense of people by existing a brand new look with totally different colors. Surprised to see yellow watermelons, white apples, blue corns? It’s no big deal just add new flavors and fantasy to the old and traditional ! Selected for their special and odd colors, these pendants will add new flavors to your jewelry designs.

Apple, lemon, cherry, strawberry, pears, pineapple, eggplant, cucumbers, tomato etc. all together twenty more kinds of daily vegetables and fruits, there is always one for your favorite.

Get Close to Zacoo: Joey

Zacoo, though involved in beads and beads supplies industry in 2005, has a vigorous post-80s team that is creative, young, professional and approachable etc..

Are you likely to find a kind of expanded “about” page that includes information on individual employees? Yeah, they are dying to meet you too!

This page is all about Joey, a photographer in Zacoo. Grab the best seat and get set to know about him.

Here is a little more about him, in his own words:

Introduce yourself (your name and where you grew up

I am Luo Pengfei, just got an English name by my workmate, Joey. I was born in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province

Tell us about it (the city/town you live in)

Yuncheng is a city with both beautiful nature scenery and long history. It’s said that it is one of the origin of human being. The history book records stories about Lei Zu, goodness of China, Yu and Shun, the emperor in ancient history.

Name 3 things you never leave home without.

Mobile phone, keys , all-purpose card

What do you do at Zacoo.com?

I am the photograph and responsible for taking photos on our products. Normally I take photos in morning and prettify pictures with photo software like PS, AI etc..

What are your favorites products at zacoo.com?

I like resin beads best especially in floral shape.

Antique brass Tibetan charms are also among my like list.

What’s your goal?

My dream is that one day I can be a good and skillful photography. I’d better own a studio for Children photography.

What are your interests outside the Zacoo?

Listen to the music takes most of my spare times, like Lincoln Park, Avril Ramona Lavigne, May.

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style

Active, Optimistic, Enthusiastic.

Joey’s Fun Facts:

* Joey likes to watch beautiful girls as well as handsome boys. Lol*****

* He eats noodles four times a week.

*He is henpecked by his wife; she wears the pants in that family.

*He is smoldering sexuality. He looks smart in his pink e-shirt. He agrees with that saying.

* He is humorous and makes friends around him happy and joyful.

* He graduated form a military school, but he is not a real solider. He majors in Advertisement and Design. Lol…

Enjoy his picture with me–

Happy Designing&Learning: How to Fill A Component with Beads

Today’s Happy Designing & Learning , let’s learn one of the basic wire technique that would add special effect to your jewelry design.

For this one, we will learn how to fill a component with beads with wire. We choose a tibiten silver component, crystal beads and 18 gauge silver coated brass wire. Well you can exchange crystal beads to others and choose the right size wire according to the the size and pattern of your components and beads.

Step 1:  Fix the wire to the component by wrapping the wire around one side three times.The circles number wiring on the component depend on your beads size and garage of the wire.

Step 2 : String beads in the wire.

Step 3: String enough beads to fill the width of the component. Pull the wire to the other side of component and wire around this side three times to make it fixed.

Step 4: Pull the wire behind and go through the center of the component. Pull the wire to the other side of the component.

Step 5 : Wire abound this side three times to fix it. Pull the wire to the other side of the component.


Step 6:

Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until the component is filled.

Step 7 :

Finish the end of the wire with a couple of wraps. Cut off excess wire with wire cutters.

Congratulate, a component pendant filled with beads is made by you.

All Things Handmade Lampwork ! All Things Christmas !

Seeing Zacoo’s new arrival for November which are all lampworks and Christmas, I quickly dream up project inspiration ideas in my mind . Beads or pendants in solid as well as mixed fancy Christmas colors all have a lovely and fairy style : naivety snowman, playful Santa Clause, juicy candies, warm gloves, greenish wreath and Christmas trees…

Surly, the 20 to 30 millimeter pendants are just the size to use as a focal pendants or beads for any of the art project. Besides, they are easy to make by going through leather cords or silk threads.

To use them as pendants or beads to decorate a Christmas themed bold chain bracelets is also joyful. These little staffs must add adorable sense to your art piece.

Last not the least, a more creative and untraditional way of use them as ornaments for your Christmas trees.

Can you Iimagine your Christmas trees hanging with handmade glass lampwork beads instead of  factory mass produced PVC or terylene goods ? It will definitely draw and won your guests’ applauds and recognition. It wouldn’t an one-sight glance but  a long time appreciation.

Moreover, when the Christmas is over, they can recycle and reuse for other decoration or art project. It’s really a environmental-friendly goods that worth you to buy.


Share My Christmas Inspirations, Stick to Hand Made Jewelries

As a  beginner in  jewelry hand made world, to sharing the inspirations with beading lovers is the best time for me.  Since i get most of the inspiration ideas from others’ art pieces as well as i learn new beading techniques from the seniors.  In my opinion, a real craft man will not satisfied of his own work done but wish of others understanding beading techniques and setting up theirs own craft ideas. To sew the hand making seeds in the heart of people and make the world creative and vigorous is the ultimate dream for them.  For me, that it is !

Enough is enough ! No more words but pictures.

Just have a thought of all the items featured with Christmas and you will see this bracelet contains everything you can imagine. Snowflake, Christmas trees, gift boxes, Christmas stars charms, holiday color beads and pendants in varied sizes and shapes.

Enjoy the tinkle-jingle when you dancing in parties.

Moreover, it cost me about two hours to make this piece. Sign………..

Poinsettia is one of the traditional Christmas icons.

So an easy making poinsettia earring will always be a party cute in the joyous Christmas time.

Make a cluster of round lake blue crystals lying on the cylinder red lined decorated lampwork beads.

A vivid Christmas gift box is in front of you.

Pray for best wishes to your loved ones and friends? Let this angel earrings give you a hand.

To string transparent white and light blue crystals to make a wreath shining icy and fresh light.

What’s little cute snowman await for ?

Hope you have a great time. See more inspirations, please visit our Inspiration Project.


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Big Saving for Holiday Season 2011

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Here is the chance by have a look at Zacoo’s Lifestyle where you can find the integrated content in various in festivals, color ideas and fashion trends. Each topic compose core and symbol jewelry beads, related jewelry findings and supplies, inspiring jewelry and craft ideas, or step by step tutorials for your desired art piece.

For Thanksgiving and Christmas festival. There it is in Lifestyle.

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Jewelry Creativity is Limitless

Gorgeous, calmed, luxurious…Your attention would not only lie on the focal parts of antique floral settings but the intricate collage sheet little drop pendants. Even the chain for this bracelet would brighten your eyes with a stylish and complex pattern.

Sometimes, to make a brilliant art piece standing out of others is not as difficult as you thought. Even with the most common used jewelry findings,like jump rings. That needs nothing but alter your way and thought of using jump rings which would surprise you with a complete gorgeous look.

See this gorgeous piece from another different angle where you can clearly see the stylish pattern of the chain. It’s not that complex at all.

Change your mind and make your jewelry piece limited creativities.


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