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Happy Designing&Learning:To Make A Box Chain Mail Bracelet

Jump rings are basic and essential jewelry findings that are familiar with every bead jewelry makers and fans. Unlike shining beads and stylish focal pendants, they always are accessories in the whole project playing a role of connecting and jointing.

Indeed, it’s not the whole truth if you know chain mail jewelry which made all by those jump rings. Ever seen the chain mail used as armor in movies or museums?

Chainmail was first worn in the middle ages by knights as protective armor in battle. Gradually, various ornate chainmail weaves and ring patterns have come into modern use for fashion jewelry to make stylish chokers, necklaces and bracelets.

So today, collect your jump rings and follow Zacoo’s Happy Learning & Designing to make a basic chain mail weaving pattern – Box Chain Chain Mail Bracelet.

Step 1: Get prepared for the materials and tool.

Jump rings: there is a larger variety choice for you. Use rings of gold, gold filled, sterling silver, anodized aluminum, niobium, copper or colored neoprene rings etc..

–Two pairs of chain nose pliers.

–Nails or head pins or eye pins.

Lobster clasp

Step 2: Open jump rings and set aside for use later.

Step 3: Close two rings and link two more pairs of rings illustrated as the below picture.

Step 4: Hold the first pair and split the third pair as shown in Picture 1 and 2.

Slightly adjust your position of hands, and split the second pair of jump rings as shown in Picture 3.Then you will see a space raising up by the third pair.

Now nail through the space shown in Picture 4.
Step 5: You will get your project like that.

Step6: Slide a jump rings through the space.

Step7: Use two chain nose pliers to close it.

Step 8: Repeat the step 6 and 7 to add the second jump ring.

Step 9: Link one more pairs of jump rings and repeat

Step 10: Repeat Step 4 to make more as long as box chains.

Step 11: To end up the chain, link one jump ring of one side of the chain.

Step 12: Link one jump ring to the other side of the chain and slide in the lobster claw clasp.

Step 13: Congratulations! You have made an exquisite box chain mail bracelet.

A little big for me :) Get started to make your own chain mail jewelries now ! Share and email your chain mail jewelry to wyj@zacoo.com. Your art project are highly appreciate.