Welcome to Zacoo’s New Wholesale Membership Club


We get big promotion and money saving offer now – New wholesale membership Club. It’s also our new wholesale policy.Now follow me to know more about it.

We lunched New Wholesale Membership Club to reward customers from Zacoo websites as well as associated eBay stores.

This membership divided into two kinds of customer grade, general members and wholesale members which are differed based on accumulated past purchase volume.

Please note that, for eBay customers and Zacoo website customer, the date when we begin to accumulate your orders are also different.

Zacoo’s order volume accumulation is from July 7, 2008.

For orders of eBay stores, order volume accumulation is from Mar. 1, 2012.

Visitors and registered customers that don’t meet the requirements of Wholesale Membership can become our General Membership.

Wholesale Membership has three grades of VIP, SVIP and Partner respectively.

Below chart shows the relationship of accumulated past purchase volume and membership grade respectively.

If you meet the requirements of any membership grade, you will be automatically upgrade and receive email notification of membership grade. Or you can send email to sales@zacoo.com and tell our customer specialist to upgrade your membership if you don’t receive the automatic email.

Please make sure that, you can’t see your exclusive wholesale price until you login your account.

For eBay customers, when successfully upgrading your membership, our customer will create an account using your eBay email address on Zacoo website. The only things you need to do are login your new account and change a new password.

Different membership will enjoy different privileges as shown in the below chart.

Interesting in our new wholesale membership system, then come and see detailed principles here:


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As long as you can imagine, the creativity of acrylic flat-back rhinestone is limited.

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