Fresh Your Jewelry Design with New Acrylic Beads in New Shapes

There are several way that we can make our jewelry designs fresh and outstanding like introducing new colors, adapting the latest beading techniques or using the beads with new shapes.

Here we go with Zacoo’s new miracle acrylic beads in rich colors and shapes. We add 18 kinds of colors of lake blue, bright orange, lavender, light purple, green and yellow, grass green, pepper red, chocolate brown, mustard and fluorescent silver etc to offer you a board choice in color. The ranges for beads shapes also varied from rice, teardrop, ogival, oval etc. with the minimum of 4 mm to the maximum of 30mm.

To inspire your jewelry design,  we also make some inspirations with them. It turns out so amazing even with the simple techniques and jewelry design.

We use wire and miracle beads to make stylish jewelry focal pendants. A strong Arabic fairy tales world is open to you !!


Three tear drop miracle beads in different sizes in lake blue hanging down from a beaded wire are too much alike rain of summer which brings you a breezy and fresh mood.

This is made of tear drop miracle beads. The red color is so inspiring and would really be a spot to enhance your office dress.

Try new arrived new miracle beads can also refresh your jewelry designs as those miracle beads are so plentiful in colors and shapes.

Explore new beads and make your jewelry design outstanding.