Happy Designing&Learning: King and Queen Ring Tutorial


Weekends time is coming. And today my shareing of beading tutorial is about a pair of rings-King Ring and Queen Ring.

From its name, you know it will be an ideal choice for lovers, king and queen, she and he, lol…..

Therefor, if you want to make something special for your Mr. or Mrs. Right, here we are.

The materials are simple, as long as you have wires in black and silver color. For the beads of this inspiration, you can either shop glass pearls, or just take use of your old beads, while just make sure that the beads for King and Queen rings are the same,as you want to make a pair of lovers rings.
Let’s see the overview of these inspirations ! I bet you will love them !

Ready to start?

Materials: Black Brass Wire and Silver Brass Wire ,Glass Pearls

Tools:Pilers and Ring Mandrel

Step 1 Cut 1 meter length 0.3mm silver brass wire. String three beads in and fix them to the center of the wire. Bend each end of wire down.
Step 2 Wrap the wire around the ring mandrel shown as the picture.
Step 3 String back both wire ends through the beads shown as the picture. Stretch both wire ends tight to your desired size of the ring mandrel.
Step 4 Repeat Step 3 to string the wire through beads.
Step 5 When the loops come to your desired amount, stop stringing the wire through the beads and place two wire ends the directions as shown in picture.
Step 6 Pick both ends of wire and wrap around the ring bundles. To make it neat and beautiful, you don’t need to bind all loops of wire, as shown in picture.
Step 7 Continue to wrap the wire until they return to the original place that next to beads.
Step 8 Bind the wire loops under the beads with both wire ends and continue to wrap around the ring bundle.
Step 9 When the wire ends come back to the original place, wrap the wire ends to your desired amount.
Step 10 Insert one of the wire ends to the last wire loop, shown as the picture.

Step 11 Stretch tight the last wire loop and trim the wire end. Do the same on the other side.

Step 12 Congratulations, you’ve successful made a wire wrap ring.