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Usher Into Wedding Season with New Bridal Jewelry Inspiration Ideas


We are getting married!

Rustic wedding, vintage wedding and modern wedding, the top three weddings are listed on the most popular wedding styles wish list for people in love for their big day in life.

We make this page exclusive for your needs to make jewelries by yourself.

Whatever you choose either of the wedding style, you will find the right beads and jewelry supplies easily to make your special day jewelry accessory as well as other decorations.

Follow our instruction and get well prepared for the coming big day!

New Inspiration Ideas for 2012 Fall/Winter Wedding

Group One : This group jewelies are well designed for you if you’d prefer a rustic style wedding.

You can design rustic style jewelies with  pastel pearls, antiqued metals and copper, floral charms, filigree components and chain.
Choosing the bold color of pretty green, sunshine yellow and enthusiastic orange red resin flowers to match with golden filigree links and chains, this necklace is perfect for your pure and simple outfits. And it’s also a good choice for rustic style necklace if you are a bride for this wedding season!!

The golden filigree links with delicate patterns and golden chains make this earring shining and luxury. Well, the light pink fullness daisy blooms quietly and confidently that bring this inspiration a sense of gentle, easy and vivid.

When freeze green and golden combined in a jewelry piece, this jewelry looks neither bold nor overstate as the individual colors shows, instead it looks very comfortable, breezy and noble.

Group Two: This group designs are right for those who want to dress  to become a vintage style bridal.

Elegant and antique as this inspiration, this brooch featured with pearlized beads and cabochons with new shapes and long chain tassels is full of love and romance.

See the two pairs of fairy ears prepared for bride and bridegroom !!!!
They are made of jewelry wir,which is such a kind of magic jewelry supply that can make everything you may think.

Like this pair of fairy ears, pointy ears decorated with glass pearls, it’s really a unique and outstanding creations that worth you to have.

This fairy ears are displaying shapes of wing that reminds me of the ancient winged dragon. Well, also like the wing of bat !

Group Three: For those who favors of modern style weddings, you may inspired by our following designs.Design with sparkly pearls,  crystals, gold filigree components, colored gems and shining silver.

Combine bright blue glass pearls, white glass pearls and elegant pearalized acrylic beads and crystals with different shapes and sizes, this necklace is delicately made for summer time, wearing it during your beach holiday or on your big day in your life.

This wire working bracelet is featured with glass pearls and pearlized acrylic beads in white and ivory colors. The pearls tender light makes us think about bright and clear moon hanging in the dark sky.