Safeguard Faith and Devotion with Our Spiritual Items

Lots of us are one of the believers of religion that are differed with all kinds of spiritual symbols and signs such as cross, angels, crowns, Christ etc.. A word or a sentence can also be your spiritual beliefs that accompany you every time especially you feel desperate.

This section if all about religious and spiritual items we selected for you believers. Cross charms, beads in various designs, jewelry beads that perfect for making rosary bracelets or necklace, prayer box and locket pendants to keep your inner peace or strength…

Moreover, we made new religious-themed jewelries and new beading techniques to get your ideas inspired.

The first one is chain maille cuff bracelet ! To learn how to make this bracelet, please follow our new beading technique of European 4-in-1 Chain Maille

When this chain maille bracelet jumped into your eyes, you wish you have it ! Made of jump rings in black and gold colors, this cuff bracelet is featured especially by the golden Cross symbol in the middle that is mapped with jump rings. It needs nothing but little more patience !!

The second one reminds of me four words to describe it : pure, clam, love and devotion!The design of cross charm is also matched naturally with glass pearls in light coffee color the oval link charm.

Is this the same feeling of you toward this earring when you see it at the first sight?

The third and the fourth one are one jewelry set . Both featured with cross charms and chains.

If you tired to have pretty and delicate styles earring, why not try to make this “Forever Faith” earring to bring yourself a sense of bold and wild. Use chains, cross charms and versatile links to make your inspiration unlimited.

The last one is a free style chained multi-strand necklace featured with different cross charms. Have a look at the chain necklace, i use chains with different shapes, colors, sizes. It’s full of fun !!

For more religious or spirituality style jewelry designs , just have a visit here with our topic page :