Are you interested in making glass beads?

Have you ever wondered about jewelry fingdings? Are you looking for wholesale beads and Are you interested in making your own glass beads?Glass beads has been used in many ways, from decorations to currency. In the case of making glass beads, the more you will practice, the better you will learn.Today our topic is how to make glass beads,interested?Join us now quickly.
Getting Ready
1.Coat a mandrel (a metal rod for building beads) with bead release (a fireproof material for coating a mandrel) by dipping it into the jar. Let it dry.
2.Secure a propane, MAPP or oxygen-propane torch to a heatproof work surface with a clamp or place it in its stand.
3. Wipe any dust or oil off a glass rod with a clean rag to prevent contamination.
4. Put on didymium lens safety glasses.
5.Light your torch with a sparker or barbecue lighter with the gas on low, turning it up when lit.
Making a Bead
1.Heat the coated mandrel in the flame, moving it behind the flame when it becomes hot.
2.Warm the glass rod slowly in the outer part of the flame. Moving the rod in and out of the flame at first will help to prevent the rod from popping.
3.Bring the glass rod into the hotter part of the flame as it starts to glow.
4.Rotate the glass rod as the glass melts until a blob forms. The molten glass will have the consistency of thick honey.
5.Touch the tip of the blob to the coated part of the mandrel through the flame.
6.Rotate the mandrel to wind the melting glass onto the mandrel.
7.Pull the glass rod away when the wound glass is big enough, separating the new bead from the melting glass rod.
8.Rotate the new bead in the hot part of the flame until any irregularities even out.
9.Rotate the new bead against a marver (a flat, heatproof ceramic, metal or graphite surface) if shaping is desired.
10.Keep rotating the mandrel until the glass stops glowing.
11.Cool the bead slowly in a fiber blanket or heated vermiculite.
Finishing Your jewelry Beads?
1.Allow the bead to cool to the touch (approximately 30 minutes).
2.Grasp the mandrel with pliers and the bead with your fingers, and twist and pull the bead from the mandrel.
3.Clean the bead release out of the bead hole with a small brush or pipe cleaner.
4.Wipe your bead with a cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints.