Brief history of wood beads

As to beading with jewelry beads, there are unlimited possibilities of making attractive and personalized jewelry with those creative and cute beads. Today I will focus on wood beads. In the 1920s, The Western culture was introduced to the wood beads when almost all the other parts of the world had almost lived the era of these beads.

Wood Beads, Blue, Donut, about 3x4mm, with Hole of 1.5mm

wood beads

At the beginning of the 20th century, the western world again saw the trend of wood beads being brought back by high class fashion labels. This again encouraged people to wear the funky accessories made of wood. Although, wood beads came late into the Western world, however, they came to stay rather than vanish with time. Now wood beads are very popular in beaded jewelry business, it’s time wholesale wood beads and make a piece of jewelry with your family and child.