Apologetic Letter to Zacoo’s Customers

Dear Our Dignity Customers:

Recently we received our customers’ compliance and feedback respect to our negative customer service, the longtime delaying of orders and  wrong items sending etc..

Here we sincerely express our apology for any embarrassment we brought to you.  And with this apology letter, we want to clarify all the misunderstandings and any guesses towards our company.

Zacoo is a honesty company and it puts great effort to provide as many as products in good quality and competitive price as well as reliable and warm customer service. If we disappoint you ,that’s because our company is still young and we are not perfect. In the process of grown into a more stronger company, we are still experiencing something new. So we need your support and tolerance badly especially during the tough time.

We really appreciate the chance that we can explain for any embarrassments and we look forward to having a good communication with our customers.

As November and December is the holiday season and also a hot season for online purchasing.Therefore it may need more days for goods to arrive to you.  We can only help you to choose a reliable international postal service company but still there are lots things out of our control. We needs your patience and understanding.

In addition, we recently are relocating our warehouse from south of China to Beijing, in the north and center of China for the sake of having the most efficient international logistical service and an overall control  from the process of products sourcing, checking, dispatching and management.  It’s really a huge and trivial work and every member in our company has been worked till late night those days.On the one hand, they have to spare their time to do affairs of the new warehouse, on the other hand, they still tried their best to do the routine work to solve the customers various requirement as many as possible.

As the new warehouse has come to an end, everything returns to normal. We will take this lesson and promise to solve all the dissatisfaction in short time.

Have business with Zacoo and we will never let you down !

Have a happy and prosperous year 2012.

Best Regards,

Zacoo Team


New Company Site, New Expectation and Hope


Zacoo’s honorable customers, we have a good news to share that is Zacoo just moved to a new office building on September 14th,2011.

Founded in 2004 and started as a specialty beads and jewelry supplies e-retailer in eBay, Zacoo.com has developed as an professional e-commerce platform and offers over 100 thousand types of beads and jewelry supplies across crystal, acrylic beads, lampwork beads, glass beads, pearl, jewelry findings etc.. Seven years’ step by step accumulation has reward Zacoo.com fruitful achievements on all sides.

With the increasing of products lines and brilliant sale performance in overseas market, Zacoo is continuously investing in enthusiastic and professional talents in different department and improving cooperation managemet structure step by step. We now have set up a series of functional departments such as Departments of Overseas Market Developmet, Customers Service, Products, Website Technology and Editors Department. The work member has seen a 10 times growth of before.

Though some are still under constructing, I still can’t wait to show you pictures of our new work environment.

New rooms, new expectations, new hopes…..

bright and spacious working environment…

high active and efficient editorial team and visual design team..

professional and considerable customer service team….

enthusiastic elite sales….

creative and innovative visual design team….

To know more about  Zacoo team members, go and see  Zacoo Team Page.


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Website updated, new layout !


Our friends, this is big news time.

During a whole month’s preparation and every workmates diligent work, our website has successfully carried on an overall renovation. Enhanced with a new homepage, easy accesses in the page layout and new columns constructing, we sincerely invite you to begin your new trip here at Zacoo.com. Don’t hesitate to put forwards any comments and contact us, if there are any. Your comments and advice are the powerful for our progress. Hope you like it !

No 1. New Category Display

No.2 Easy Shortcut Accesses

No.3 New Columns


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Good news: Two EBay Stores of Zacoo Won the Top Rated Seller Prize in May

On June 20, 2011, the monthly Seller Performance Status Evaluation by eBay Co. Ltd. was eventually concluded and Zacoo is proud to share the long-expected good news to all valuable customer from eBay stores and zacoo.com that two of zacoo’s eBay stores, OURBEAD in U.K. and Perlenonline in Germany have been awarded eBay’s Top Rated Seller Prize due to our ever-lasting diligent work and 100% customer’s satisfaction service.
EBAY stores of OURBEAD in U.K. and Perlenonline in Germany were launched by Zacoo.com in October 2003 and November 2004 respectively. During several years’ accumulation, the products category has enlarged from several hundreds to 7 thousand.  Moreover, they gain brilliant sale performance and numerous loyalty customers in overseas market.
The Top Rated Seller Prize really means a lot to us. If you go on to eBay and do a search on any page, you’ll see a small number of sellers have received top-rated status because this prize is evaluated based on the buyers feedback and positive leave on every single transaction. The buyers will rate each translation from four criteria: Was the item as described; did it ship quickly; did it ship at an appropriate price; and was the seller cooperative. For every single transaction that seller does, the buyer rates them on those four criteria. That means less than 2% of their buyers have ever rated them low.
Buy from our Top Rated Sellers and you’ll get quality products, great service and fast shipping.
Buy from Zacoo.com, an professional e-commerce platform and you will get more than that–10 thousand types of quality beads and jewelry supplies + worldwide air mail post free shipping + 5% to 10% volume discount + 100% customers satisfaction service guarantee.


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History and Milestones of Zacoo

  • Apr  2004              Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in UK
  • Oct  2004              Won the “Power Seller” prize in eBay
  • Mar  2008             Launched ourbead.com
  • Aug  2008             Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in US
  • Dec  2009              Won the “Powerful Seller Golden Prize” in eBay
  • Dec  2009              Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in DE
  • May  2010             Launched zacoo.com
  • July  2010             Launched  e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in Australia
  • Sep  2010               Set up two warehouse in the South of China
  • Oct   2010              Won the “Top Rated Seller” prize in eBay
  • Dec  2010               Won “Good Buyers Satisfaction Powerful Seller Prize
  • May  2011              ZACOO beads and jewelry supplies are sold in over 55 countries worldwid

Seven years’ step by step accumulation has reward Zacoo.com fruitful achievements on all sides.
With the increasing of products catalogs and brilliant sale performance in overseas market, Zacoo has established its own warehouse located in the products source and adopted the modern logistic management to quickly and accurately process and package orders for our superior customers.

A list of numbers below will definitely tell you our leaping development.