Happy Beading&Learning: To Make Byzantine Chain Maille Earrings

Jump rings are basic and essential jewelry findings that are familiar with every bead jewelry makers and fans. Unlike shining beads and stylish focal pendants, they always are accessories in the whole project playing a role of connecting and jointing.

Indeed, it’s not the whole truth if you know chain mail jewelry which made all by those jump rings. Ever seen the chain mail used as armor in movies or museums?

Chainmail was first worn in the middle ages by knights as protective armor in battle. Gradually, various ornate chainmail weaves and ring patterns have come into modern use for fashion jewelry to make stylish chokers, necklaces and bracelets.

So today, collect your jump rings and follow Zacoo’s Happy Learning & Designing to make a basic chain mail weaving pattern – Byzantine Chain Maille.

See the inspiration i made using this technique, it has a beautiful name -Falling Down Meteor Earring

Step 1 Open jump rings and set aside for use later.

Step 2

Slide four jump rings on to one open jump ring (shown in red). Close the jump ring.

Step 3 Add a second red open jump ring through the same four closed jump rings. Split the jump rings into pair as shown in the illustration.

Step 4 Attach a paperclip or a head pin through the two end jump rings. That will help you to pick up the jump rings chain more easily.

Step 5 Flip the two blue jump rings to the direction of the jump rings at the beginning (shown in black) .

Step 6

Push the last two jump rings (shown in red) apart to form the shape as the picture shown.

Step 7 Attach a jump ring through the two blue jump rings.

Step 8

Continue to add a second jump ring (in red color) that with the same position as the first one.

Step 9 Add two groups of jump rings (the two blue ones and the two red ones) as shown in the pictures. We can see that they are the same with that in Step 3 and Step 4.

Step 10 Repeat Step 5 and step 6 to make a make a new unit of chain maille.

Step 11 Add three more jump rings through the previous two jump rings.

Step 12 Repeat Step 5 and step 6 to make another unit of chain maille until it comes to your desired length.

Happy Learning & Designing: European 4-in-1 Chain Maille

Europen 4-in-1 chain maille is one of the easy weave pattern in chain maille world. For new learners, this is a good choice to start out. It doesn’t need various tools as well as beautiful and functional beads, findings or some other supplies. Jump rings and two pairs of chain nose pliers are all your needs for tools and materials. If only you can open and close jump rings, you can make yourself an awesome European 4-in-1 chain maille cuff bracelet.

Below is a religious and spirituality cross cuff bracelet that using this classic chain maille weave. If you like it ,follow me to make this project.If you don’t like it ,also follow me to learn European 4-in-1 chain maille to create your own style :)

Step 1 Use two pairs of chain nose pliers or professional jump rings opening and closing tool to open jump rings.

Step 2

Open one jump ring and slide four closed jump ring onto it. Close jump ring and arrange the jump rings as shown in the picture.

Step 3 Open a new jump ring (the red one) and slide through the two top closed jump rings of the first unit jump rings finished in Step 2. Continue to slide another two jump rings onto the jump ring (the red one) in the middle.

Step 4 Arrange the jump rings shown as the picture.

Step 5 Slide a jump ring (the red one) to the two top jump rings of the second unit jump rings made in Step 3. Arrange them to the right position as shown in the picture.

Step 6

Repeat Step 2 to Step 5 until the chain maille comes to your desired length.

Step 7 This step shows how to widen the chain maille. By taking a start from one side of chain maille, you need to open a jump ring (the red one) and slide through the two right sided jump rings. Slide two closed jump rings onto the jump ring in red again and closed it, shown as the picture.

Step 8

Arrange the jump rings into the right position as shown in picture.

Step 9 Continue to slide a new jump ring (the red one) through the two top jump rings and the third jump ring in the right sided. Slide a jump ring and arrange its position as the picture shows.

Step 10 Repeat Step 10 until reaching the other end of the chain maille.

Step 11 This step shows how to make a closure for the project either for a bracelet or necklace. To attach a 2 strand clasp, slide two jump rings to the end of chain maille and then attach them to the ring of clasp. Close the jump ring.

Step 12 Repeat Step 11 for the opposite end of the bracelet. Congratulations, you have complete the European 4-in-1 chain maille !

Happy Learning & Designing: To Make A Classic Bridal Bracelet

No bride doesn’t want to make her special day more special, more meaningful and eternal, as they try their best to arrange everything, any detail by themselves, especially the important part of wedding jewelries! From the jewelry design and shop the materials and tools to assemble all beads and supplies, they treasure every steps in this process. Maybe the jewelry is not as brilliant and good craftsmanship as those sold in showcase, but the meaning is profound!

For the other brides, this may be quite different. They choose to shop wedding jewelry instead of do it themselves, cause the day is so important and they hope everything is perfect, especially for the wedding jewelry that will bring her gorgeous and elegance.
Both may not perfect. But today, this post may help you to make everything more perfect.

This post will share a tutorial of a classic bridal bracelet. No complex beading technique, flexible choice for beads and elegant looks.

You can choose any kinds of jewelry beads that best matched the wedding, pearls,gems or crystals.

The core material for this inspiration is wire !

Step 1 Cut two pieces 30cm 18 gauge jewelry wires and make two U-shape loops as shown in pictures. Please note that one of them is bigger than the other.

Step 2

Cut a piece of 50cm 28 gauge jewelry wire and wrap it around the U-shape wires.

Step 3 Wrap around the U-shape wires tight.

Step 4 Cut another two pieces of 18 gauge jewelry wires in 20cm and insert them between the U-shape wires as shown in the picture.

Step 5 Continue to use the thin jewelry wire to wrap all of the 18 gauge jewelry wires. Tip: Use chain nose plier to better squeeze and fix the wires to make all the wires in the same surface.

Step 6

Wrap the wires to your desired length to ensure all the wires are fastened together. Then make an end of the cord.

Step 7 Cut the end of the wire on other side that closed to U-shape loops.

Step 8

String the beads with different sizes or colors through the wires.

Step 9 See the overview picture when you string all the beads. Make slight bent to the wires using chain nose plier.

Step 10 Make four free swirls using round nose plier to the wires with U-shape loops.

Step 11 Cut 28 gauge wire of 50cm and wrap around the wires as shown in the picture.

Step 12 Make the closure with the rest two jewelry wires by creating simple loops as shown in picture. Then use thin jewelry wire to wrap wires closed to the closure.

[box type="shadow"]
Step 13
Insert the closure to the U-shape loops!
Congratulations, you have made an elegant bride wire working bracelet.


Happy Learning&Designing:To Make A Multi-strand Glass Pearls Bracelet

If you like cuff bangle,you must like today’s tutorial that we will teach you how to use spacer bars to make multi-strand bracelet. Unlike single strand bracelet, multi-strand bangle are more complex and stylish. Sometimes they are bold statement, but sometimes they can also strength the elegance compared with those single ones.

Firstly, let’s share some inspirations of multi-strand bracelets using different kinds of spacer bars.

For this project, we need spacer bars , beads, crimp beads and large cord ends.

Step 1 Cut 6 pieces of jewelry wires, and each one is about 25cm long.

Step 2

Choose a spacer bar and thread the jewelry wire through the first hole, as shown in the picture.

Tip: We use a spacer bar with 6 holes. You can also choose spacer bar with two holes or 4 holes, which depends on how much layers of bracelet you want to make.

Step 3 String a crimp bead and squeeze with flat nose plier.
Step 4 Repeat Step 3 and finish the others.
Step 5 String a bead to the jewelry wire.
Step 6

String 10 beads on 6 jewelry wires respectively.

Tip: The number of beads you string on each jewelry wire is the length of every two spacer bars. That means if you want to use more spacer bars, you will string the beads less and vice versa.

Step 7 String a spacer bar and you’ve finished a unit for this bracelets.
Step 8

Repeat Step 7 and make another three units like that.

Then repeat Step 2 and 3 to fix the 6 jewelry wire ends with crimp beads.

Choose a cord end to make a neat closure by hiding jewelry wire ends into the cord end. Squeeze the cord end.

Step 9 Attach a jump ring to the cord end.
Step 10 Attach a spring ring clasp to the jump ring.

Step 11 Repeat Step 8 to attach a cord end to the other side of the bracelet. And then attach a jump ring, as shown in the picture.
Step 12 Congratulations, you’ve made a beautiful multilayers bracelet with spacer bars.

Happy Designing&Learning: King and Queen Ring Tutorial


Weekends time is coming. And today my shareing of beading tutorial is about a pair of rings-King Ring and Queen Ring.

From its name, you know it will be an ideal choice for lovers, king and queen, she and he, lol…..

Therefor, if you want to make something special for your Mr. or Mrs. Right, here we are.

The materials are simple, as long as you have wires in black and silver color. For the beads of this inspiration, you can either shop glass pearls, or just take use of your old beads, while just make sure that the beads for King and Queen rings are the same,as you want to make a pair of lovers rings.
Let’s see the overview of these inspirations ! I bet you will love them !

Ready to start?

Materials: Black Brass Wire and Silver Brass Wire ,Glass Pearls

Tools:Pilers and Ring Mandrel

Step 1 Cut 1 meter length 0.3mm silver brass wire. String three beads in and fix them to the center of the wire. Bend each end of wire down.
Step 2 Wrap the wire around the ring mandrel shown as the picture.
Step 3 String back both wire ends through the beads shown as the picture. Stretch both wire ends tight to your desired size of the ring mandrel.
Step 4 Repeat Step 3 to string the wire through beads.
Step 5 When the loops come to your desired amount, stop stringing the wire through the beads and place two wire ends the directions as shown in picture.
Step 6 Pick both ends of wire and wrap around the ring bundles. To make it neat and beautiful, you don’t need to bind all loops of wire, as shown in picture.
Step 7 Continue to wrap the wire until they return to the original place that next to beads.
Step 8 Bind the wire loops under the beads with both wire ends and continue to wrap around the ring bundle.
Step 9 When the wire ends come back to the original place, wrap the wire ends to your desired amount.
Step 10 Insert one of the wire ends to the last wire loop, shown as the picture.

Step 11 Stretch tight the last wire loop and trim the wire end. Do the same on the other side.

Step 12 Congratulations, you’ve successful made a wire wrap ring.

Happy Learning&Designing:Make A Stack of Metal Tube Beads Bracelets

It’s Friday! Do you have any jewelry making plan for the weekends?

Well, one thing is certain that you don’t want to take risk of doing a so complex inspiration, as no one wants to sit in the chain in such a hot summer.

Therefore, I will share with friends an easy-to-do bracelet that ensures you to wear it right now for the weekend’s party. Moreover, a stack of these bracelets will inevitably become a spot for you.

Materials: Wax Cotton Cord or Leather Cord,Metal Beads

Tools:Scissors and Embroidery Needle

Step 1 Cut a piece of wax cotton cord of 25cm long and thread a tube bead and cross the ends.
Step 2 Then we need to make a slider closure for this bracelet. We will make a square not.

Cut a new piece of wax cotton cord and tighten the two cord ends with the tube bead.

Follow the way of making a square knot until to your desired length.

Step 3 Thread one of the cords onto a needle.
Step 4 Thread the needle to the backside of square knots and pull the needle and the cord through the square knot.
Step 5 Do the same on the other side of the same cord and trim away any excess cord.
Step 6 Make a faster knot on one side of cord. Wrap the cord two loops to your finger.
Step 7 Thread the cord end to the loops, as shown in illustrates.
Step 8 Pull tight the cord ends to make a knot. Do the same to make a knot on the other side of cord.
Step 9 Congratulations, you’ve make a simple tube bead bracelet.Just make a stack of metal beads bracelets using this technique.
Step 10 Just make a stack of metal beads bracelets using this technique.


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Happy Beading&Learning-How to Make Cluster Pendants

Do you know what a cluster pendant looks like ? Well, cluster style earrings, necklace are so common seen in our jewelry inspiration project. See inspiration project about made of cluster beads, elegant and graceful.

The way of making cluster style or chandelier style is almost the same no matter your cluster pendant is grape-shape like or like soapsuds or just no clear shape at all. When making cluster pendant, just add beads to make the shape or feeling you like. Unlike seed beads project that you will follow strictly where to fix a bead and how to totally follow the pattern, cluster pendants making is at your our pleasure.

All right, follow me to understand the basic way of making this kind of jewelry piece.

Materials: Beads,like crystal beads, glass pearls,wood beads

Tools: Side Cutting Plier, Round Nose Plier, Chain Nose Plier

Step 1 Open and close the jump rings and simply string jump rings.You can also use chains to replace jump rings. The number of jump rings or the length of chains is depended by how long you want the cluster pendent.
Step 2 Select beads in different sizes and colors and make simple loops.

Step 3 Add simple loop beads from the first jump ring.

Step 4 Add simple loop beads to the second and the third jump ring.

Step 5 Continue to add simple loop beads to jump rings and select different colors and sizes beads to make it a beautiful shape.

Step 6 Congratulations, you’ve make a grape-shape cluster pendent.

Happy Beading&Learning-To Make a Snake-like Twisting Cord Bracelet

Every girl may have at least one  wild and exaggerate jewelry piece  in your casket, like puck style inspiration with skulls,rivet and bold metal, or chains and cuff bracelets. Don’t worry if you don’t have one such like that, as today I will share a tutorial to making a bracelet full of manhood and strong figure- Snake-like twisting cord bracelet.

I am sure you will love it for the easy-to-do tutorial and wild look of this bracelet.

See the looks when they are finished:

-Bracelet in Red color-

-Bracelet in Black Color-



So do they attractive ? If you like them,  follow the instructions and make that for yourself right now.

Materials: Chains; Leather Cords or Wax Cotton Cordsbeads
Tools: Side Cutting Plier and Scissor

Step 1 Cut four strands of 17-19cm chains. The length of chain is decided by the size of your wrist.
Step 2 String one meter long leather cord through the first row of chain links .

Step 3 String back both wire ends through the beads shown as the picture. Stretch both wire ends tight to your desired size of the ring mandrel.

Step 4 Sting a wood bead to the leather cord.

Step 5 Make a knot and fix the wood bead.

Step 6 Pick up the other leather cord end and string it through the second row of chain links.

Step 7 Sting back the leather cord and go through the third row of chain links.

Step 8 Repeat Step 7 to let the leather cord go through the rest chain links.

Step 9 Sting back the leather cord and go through the last row of chain links.

Step 10 Sting the leather cord to create a simple loop.

Step 11 Continue to sting back the leather cord and make another loop.

Step 12 String one end of leather cord (with wood bead) through the leather loop.

Step 13 String the other leather cord end to another leather loop.

Step 14 Tie a knot with the two leather cord as shown in the picture.

Step 15 Congratulations, you’ve successfully made a snake-like twisting cord chain bracelet.

Happy Learning&Designing: To Make A Mess Wire Wrapping Ring


Wire wrapping technique is one of the most developed  jewelry techniques in beading industry. Unlike seed beads techniques that needs difficult stitching and a clear logistic thinking on complex patterns and great patience, wire wrap techniques tends to be more flexible, willful and creative, just as what i am going to teach and share today- A stylish and fashionable ring. The main technique to do this project is mess wire wrap technique.

Let’s firstly see the looks when i finish them. If you like them, you can follow the instructions and make that for yourself.

It’s much more beautiful if you look it from a different angle, just make me thought of the beautiful and vigorous sunset and the origin of new life :)

The materials is easy, wire and beads. To do this project, you can’t have miss an essential tools- ring mandrel which has exactly scale ensuring you to make the right ring size for you.

Ok, get prepared for all the materials and tools, then let’s follow my instructions.

Materials: Acrylic Beads ; Jewelry Wire

Tools: Chain Nose Pliers,Hammer

Step 1 Cut 80cm sliver beading wire in 18 gauges. String one bead to the center of the wire.
Step 2 Bend two ends of the wire against the beads to point downward.

Step 3 Put the bead against the ring mandrel on your desired size and then begin to wrap the wire to your desired amount of loops.

Step 4 Wrap both ends of the wire from the bottom of the center bead to your desired amount of wraps. Make the two ends point back in the direction it started, show in step 3. Tip:You can string some beads to make an interesting look of the ring.

Step 5 Take the ring out of the ring mandrel and hold the center of the bead, wrap one of the wire ends around the ring band with three wraps.

Step 6 Use side cutting plier to cut the tail end of the wire.

Step 7 Do the same to wrap the other end of the wire. Use chain nose plier to trim both ends.

Step 8 Place the ring back onto the ring mandrel. Taking a rubber mallet to hammer the back of the ring band, so the wires can lay flat.

Step 9 Congratulations! You have completed a wire wrapped ring.

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See the rings shown in the picture, it’s King & Queen Ring.

The black one is the King Ring which have a sense of mysterious and dignity, while the silver one is elegant and delicate.

Which one do your prefer ? or you want to have both ?

It’s easy now as i want to share the free tutorials with friends.

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