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See the rings shown in the picture, it’s King & Queen Ring.

The black one is the King Ring which have a sense of mysterious and dignity, while the silver one is elegant and delicate.

Which one do your prefer ? or you want to have both ?

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Wrap Fashion Up

Tired of wearing traditional bracelets that are plainly simple in design?

Then try stacking bracelets on our wrists. Clearly, this arm party trend isn’t stopping and continues to be hot fashion items in 2012. The more, the better!

Make yourself a so popular wrap bracelet with multiple choices of threads and cords in different texture. It’s so simple and addicting, you’ll soon be churning out these wristlets with your eyes closed. Make it unique by attaching stylish charms and beads.

Here, i would like to share three bracelets i made yesterday. I use no difficult beading techniques, but selecting featured charms and delicate jewelry beads.

The first one, it costs the most time. Like the cool and punk appearance it showed to you, i call it Chain Me Up.

This bracelet features with the rock and punk style. Using different types of chains and threads is the spot for the inspiration. The pin ball shaped tibetan silver charms also echo the punk tune of this piece.

You like this feel of cool, aaha ?

The second one is a style of  bohemia, with a bright rose pink colored thread. I am so addicted with bright colors like yellow, light green, pink. And the rose pink color is not disappointed me either this time as it is perfected matched with the silver shinning charms.

It must be eye-catching for you to wear it ^_^….

The last one, i use the common pear-knotting technique to string pretty crystal beads through waxed cotton thread. I believe blue and golden color crystal beads can greatly enhance the gorgeous of a   simple inspiration.


Hot Earring Styles In Spring 2012

It’s not difficult to see from the most recent fashion shows from New York to Paris that giant designers were spotted dangling and jumbo earrings instead of a well-styled earring. Meanwhile bold colors like ocean blue, hot pink, orange and turquoise etc are also integrated with their earring designs. Long and swing tissue, bling-bling crystals or gemstones, eye-catching resin flowers elements etc. can’t be missed out for this spring.

Make yourself shoulder-grazing statement earrings this season with Zacoo’s various styles findings including dangles, hoops, studs etc.

See my designs for this spring:

The first one, i call it Surrounded.

This spring earrings fashion spotted on dangling and jumbo earrings instead of a well-styled one. This dangle earrings, I call it Surrounded. Using a featured antique brass pendant,  this single blue gemstone bead is surrounded and protected by one and other circles. It also shows a strong tribal feel by those carves and patterns on the circles.

The second piece is Swing.

Tassel made with chains are really a hot for this season. While never forget the key point to be eye-catching is to make it the shoulder-length.  A shoulder-grazing statement earring is a must-have treasure for fashion girls like you and me.

The third one with pretty colors named Dangle Dangles.

This dangle earring is full of spring hues by choosing fresh and pretty colors of apple green, yellow green and bright orange round beads and heart-shaped porcelain beads. Don’t forget to make it jumbo and big !

The last and the most gorgeous  treasure, Twins Florals

This earring is featured with two gold plated filigree links in different sizes and patterns producing a gorgeous and classic look. Two pink resin flowers made delicately thus express the sweet and warm spring.



Shop this must-have line today–supplies are limited!

New Year,New Fashion Jewelry Designs Sharing


Designed by Zacoo’s youngest jewelry design team, the charming jewelry design finally published on Bead & Button Magazine, one of the most popular featured jewelry making magazines in western countries. Team members of Zacoo have long been waited for that moment and excited to see our diligent cooperating work published there on Page 10, February 2012, Bead & Button Magazine, you see it? Really Gorgeous, isn’t?

Golden intricate focal pendants bring a breath taking beauty at the first sight. Resin flowers of autumn and winter color in different styles bloom in the floral antique brass settings, lavender pearl beads shining with soft light come across coiled antique rings, chains differed in length and color are as well intensely interesting and eye catching.

New Year’s, new jewelry designs, new beading techniques, new inspiration ideas sharing with all handmade designers and lovers.



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Jewelry Block-bluster in the Snow of 2011

Waken up by my roommate’s excited voice and a brisk rapping on the door, i know  it’s snowing outside ! It is the first snow in year 2011 after several days cloudy and dusty weather and I have been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Holding the cameo, my workmate and i can’t wait to take our plan towards the recent inspirations ! Well, actually they don’t make me disappointed, really looks good in the snow.


Christmas star shinning in Christmas trees…


Snowman  playing in his own worldMy X-mas Bracelet







Share My Christmas Inspirations, Stick to Hand Made Jewelries

As a  beginner in  jewelry hand made world, to sharing the inspirations with beading lovers is the best time for me.  Since i get most of the inspiration ideas from others’ art pieces as well as i learn new beading techniques from the seniors.  In my opinion, a real craft man will not satisfied of his own work done but wish of others understanding beading techniques and setting up theirs own craft ideas. To sew the hand making seeds in the heart of people and make the world creative and vigorous is the ultimate dream for them.  For me, that it is !

Enough is enough ! No more words but pictures.

Just have a thought of all the items featured with Christmas and you will see this bracelet contains everything you can imagine. Snowflake, Christmas trees, gift boxes, Christmas stars charms, holiday color beads and pendants in varied sizes and shapes.

Enjoy the tinkle-jingle when you dancing in parties.

Moreover, it cost me about two hours to make this piece. Sign………..

Poinsettia is one of the traditional Christmas icons.

So an easy making poinsettia earring will always be a party cute in the joyous Christmas time.

Make a cluster of round lake blue crystals lying on the cylinder red lined decorated lampwork beads.

A vivid Christmas gift box is in front of you.

Pray for best wishes to your loved ones and friends? Let this angel earrings give you a hand.

To string transparent white and light blue crystals to make a wreath shining icy and fresh light.

What’s little cute snowman await for ?

Hope you have a great time. See more inspirations, please visit our Inspiration Project.

Jewelry Creativity is Limitless

Gorgeous, calmed, luxurious…Your attention would not only lie on the focal parts of antique floral settings but the intricate collage sheet little drop pendants. Even the chain for this bracelet would brighten your eyes with a stylish and complex pattern.

Sometimes, to make a brilliant art piece standing out of others is not as difficult as you thought. Even with the most common used jewelry findings,like jump rings. That needs nothing but alter your way and thought of using jump rings which would surprise you with a complete gorgeous look.

See this gorgeous piece from another different angle where you can clearly see the stylish pattern of the chain. It’s not that complex at all.

Change your mind and make your jewelry piece limited creativities.


Spooky Dark Night Bat Chain Necklace Tutorial

Hey, Halloween Holiday is only half month away. How’s your plan going on? Do you prepare a featured and spooky art project? If you still have no ideas then follow today’s post and make a spooky dark night bat chain necklace.

First, prepare for all the Materials:Crystal beads,antique style bat charm,chain,jump rings and head pins.To have your own style, you can make some change on colors, sizes or pattern of crystal beads.
Tools you may use are as follows

Now lets get started to do it step by step.

Step 1: Making five simple loops

Step 2: cut the same length chains using the side cuter. To be different, you can decided the length of the chain to create other effect.
Step 3: Add the crystals to the chains.
Step 4: Open and close a jump ring. Here you need to do this five times to add five jump rings on the bat charm.

Step 5: Connect the five chains with crystal pendants to jump rings one by one.

Step 6: Add the bat charm to the chain. Then you have finished your dark night bat chain necklace.

What Can You Do With Digital Collage Sheets?

Hi, there

Zacoo has added large collections of digital collage sheets  in variety styles and themes which are highly welcomed by beading fans and artists as digital collage sheets are the fastest and most affordable way to make your unique art project. Currently, the flowing styles and themes are available.

Styles are vintage and antique style, Chinese traditional style, pure and lovely style, fashion and trends, abstract style, nature style etc..
Themes are Victorian Roses, Fairytale, wild forest animals, angels, vintage portrait lady, Halloween, grid, spot, kaleidoscope, plants, lovely pets etc..

We also provide different dimensions for collage sheets with different styles and themes. The specifications for 30x30mm, 30x22mm, 19.5×19.5mm, 30.5x18mm, 47.8×23.5mm, 18x18mm, 25x25mm are available.

With so many options, what can you do with the digital collage sheet?Here is a short list of what you can do with digital collage sheets:

*Awesome pendants and lockets
*Cool and unique buttons
*Bottlecap jewelry and magnets
*Scrabble tiles
*Gift tags
*Charms for bracelets and other projects
*Wall hangings for dollhouse miniatures
*Mini pocket mirrors
*Decorative cubes
*Scrapbook supplies
*Great steampunk jewelry
*Backgrounds for watches
*Dollhouse miniature wall hangings
*Photo trees
*Halloween decorations
*Wine charms


New Style Leather Earrings Inspiration

Leather cords are used in garment sector to clothing items and handicraft segment such as necklaces, bracelets and belts. You can make a round leather cord necklace by easily attaching a  pendent,  gemstone beads or charms to get a low key but classic look, or you can make a sophisticated knotting pattern bracelet by using a flat leather cord . Well,  have you ever tried to make earrings by using round leather cord?

I got my inspiration ideas of making leather earrings by simple tools and materials.

Have a look at my designs~~~

All the materials are round leather cord, silver plated copper wire,head pins and the beads you want to decorated with.


Amazing, right?  It needs not high and complex techniques but your infinite creativity. Take action and experiment your unique leather cord earrings.


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