Useful Jewelry Bags,Delicate Your Jewelry

Jewelry bags are essential jewelry supplies for your jewelry business that make your goods stand out! When it comes to gift giving, even the packaging can be a beautiful present.

Jewelry bags are just like the clothes of beads, supplies, jewelries, and you will never know how much weight people judge things at their first sight.

Putting the same beads in designable pouches and simple plastic bags, the customer shopping experience may totally different. Therefor make sure, you items are well decorated and protected with a delicate jewelry bag can immediate increase favorable impression on your goods or even your company.

Zacoo selected 40 types of jewelry bags made of organza with draw strings, 20 colors, with size of 70mm length and 90mm height.

If you like simple style, you can choose from 20 solid color bags. If you want to choose a romantic and delicate style, jewelry bags printed with rose flowers and heart may satisfied your needs.

Choose from our selection of gift bags and pouches to add another individual touch to your gifts. Use these items as they are, or choose to embellish them to match the theme of the gift.





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Love Dots, Waves & Spirals,Love Lampwork Large Hole Beads

Do you a fanatic of dots, waves and spirals in daily life? If so, you are gonna to like our lamp work large hole beads as those handmade beads are featured with incredible beauty of dots, waves and spirals or combination of them.

Some are lovely dots, some are breezy waves and some are antique and wild spirals. I select several of my favorite to display how different feelings those beads can bring us.

Large hole lampwork beads with lovely dots:

Large hole lampwork beads with  breezy waves:

Large hole lampwork beads with  spirals:


Really amazing looks of them ? Have these beads triggered your design desire or inspiration ideas?

Some times, to be simple is the ultimate beauty. Choose a single large hole bead and string it with a common chain, that will be a simple elegance ! Who says it’s not a brilliant jewelry idea- quick to make,   easy coordinate with your daily dress, unique simple elegance !! The most important, as the beads are flush of colors and designs, it gives you great convenience to wear different necklace every day.  It sounds great, right ?

So just think about your clothes of your wardrobe and shop our beads to match with.

Have fun and have good day every day !







Use Antique Tibetan Silver Beads to Add Special New Sense for Jewelry


Tibetan Silver beads are widely used in jewelry design. Unlike focal pendants, it not the eye-catching parts at the first sight. But to put the stylish Tibetan silver beads into inspiration project properly will greatly enhance and bring new sense of the jewelry piece, like senses of restoration, tribal, classic, romantic, simplicity etc..


Those Tibetan silver beads are various from 1.0 to 70 mm in sizes as well as colors like antique brass, vintage copper and silver to satisfied your multiple jewelry designs. More than 40 kinds of beads shapes with unique patterns and carves are great treasure for jewelry designs.

Choose our versatile beauty in dependable quality right now !


Choose Your Lovely Animal Pendants to Bless You A Happy New Year 2012

Animal motif has emerged in Jewelry fashion in Year 2011 that shown in famous jewelry designer’ art pieces as well as  DIY fans’ unique art works. The reason is not just as their beautiful shapes and special looks but also a profound meanings and best wishes that people believes something can bring them success and luck.   See more animal totem jewelries, please visit our Photo Album.

So today, let explore the inner meaning for animals and hope it help you to choose you and your friends a featured animal pendant to promise for a better year.

Dragons were used in early European jewelry in association with St. George and the dragon. Later, dragons would become a positive symbol and be often used by famous jewelry designers because of their fascination with Oriental art.

Owl is one of the most frequently motifs of jewelry of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Worn as a talisman, this bird assures success in all efforts requiring preparation and skills.

Spiders, the insects that make some people scream at their sight, were popular in the 19th century because of their association with good luck.

Fish amulets were meant to prevent drowning.

Lizard is linked to eyesight, and in all cultures it was an animal protecting eyes because of its green emerald-like color.

Scarab was one of the most powerful symbols in ancient Egypt. Its image symbolized regeneration and inspired jewelry worn as amulets. This simple dung-beetle was so revered that its image was widely used in daily life, even for sealing legal documents.

Images of turtle, scorpion, crocodile and vultures were believed to protect the wearer from the creature represented.

Hedgehog was associated with rebirth.

Hare was worn for fertility.

Grasshopper was associated with wealth.

Monkey was a symbol of love and sexual fulfillment.

In ancient Egypt, figures of falcon and cobra were associated with royalty.

Dogs were traditionally linked to fidelity, lions – to strength.

Frog was traditionally linked to protecting travelers.

Serpent was a symbol of all that is mysterious. At the same time, it symbolizes eternity, and is a long-treasured subject of animal theme jewelry.

Unicorn was regarded as a symbol of purity.

Do not Miss out A Good Collection of Owls Pendants and Charms

Throughout history and across many cultures, people have regarded Owls with fascination and awe. Few other creatures have so many different and contradictory beliefs about them.

* In early Indian folklore, Owls represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy.

*By the Middle Ages in Europe, the Owl had become the associate of witches and the inhabitant of dark, lonely and profane places, a foolish but feared specter.

*In the mythology of ancient Greece, Athene, the Goddess of Wisdom, honoured the night bird by making him her favourite among feathered creatures. As the symbol of Athene, the Owl was a protector, accompanying Greek armies to war, and providing ornamental inspiration for their daily lives.

*In early Rome a dead Owl nailed to the door of a house averted all evil that it supposedly had earlier caused. To hear the hoot of an Owl presaged imminent death. The deaths of Julius Caesar, Augustus, Commodus Aurelius, and Agrippa were apparently all predicted by an Owl.

*In English literature the Barn Owl had a sinister reputation probably because it was a bird of darkness, and darkness was always associated with death.

*In parts of northern England it is good luck to see an Owl.

Owls have been both feared and venerated, despised and admired, considered wise and foolish, and associated with witchcraft and medicine, the weather, birth and death.Speculation about Owls began in earliest folklore, too long ago to date, but passed down by word of mouth over generations.

As the zoological aspects of Owls were detailed through close observation, reducing the mystery surrounding these birds. With superstitions dying out in the twentieth century – in the West at least – the Owl has returned to its position as a symbol of wisdom.

Search around your staffs, you would at least find one thing that has related with owls – you video collects has lovely cartoon  figure, or your have a t-shirts printed of owls in your wardrobe, or an owl necklace, key ring, bracelet that you wear every day etc..

If not, chance is here ! A good collection of pendants, beads, charms of owl in featured design and colors are available  at Zacoo. They can be used either as a focal pendants or a  subordination to add special feels to inspiration projects.







Featured Produces: Digital Collage Sheets of Cat

Zacoo has a relatively complete product line of collage sheet products. You can find them in different themes, various shapes and measurements. In addition that, for the sake of our customers, each digital collage sheet is matched with correspondent accessories such as ring settings, antique brass sittings and mountings and glass cabochons.

So today, let me introduce digital collage sheet in cat design in this featured category.

Product SKU: CS0013






















Product SKU: CS0070























Product SKU: CS0019






















Product SKU: CS0021























Product SKU:CS0060























Unlike common products like jewelry beads and supplies, they are fast in delivery, less paid and easy in making unique project. Once you have select your desired collage sheets and complete the payment, you can directly down lode their digital version.

No shipping fee, no handing fee, no time-delaying and no kidding !!!!

For the sake of saving time, have a look at the easy  tutorial of making digital collage sheets art piece. I am sure you can get more inspirations in the last several hours with those adorable images.

Three ways of dealing with digital collage sheets:

1. Using glue-on bails and cabochons :

2.Using ring settings and glass cabochons:

3.Using antique brass sittings and mountings:

The possibilities are limited. Search the correspondent materials around you and replace some items that you are short of like glue-on bails, glass cabochons and settings.


Hot Deals:A Stylish Vintage Brooch on Your Autumn Dress

Autumn has been rain and chilly and it’s like winter is going to come soon. The sky is covered with grey clouds and the weather is mostly dull. The air becomes colder and the sun seldom shines. People also tend to put on thick clothes mostly in dark and grey colors. Autumn is season of gloomy and sadness.

Well to break out this dull and dreadful atmosphere is as easy as ABC. Add some accessories to your daily dress will make great effect to soften the chilly and gloomy air.

Today, I would like to display some brooch products and the shining and colorful inspiration made by them.

This kind of brooch can well attach with resin flower, resin cameos, digital collage sheets etc. since they all have a relatively flat setting.



To decorate them with chains, crystal beads, delightful charms will also make them more unique and fabulous.





Hot Sells for Christmas Resin Cameos and Cabochons

When comes to Christmas, it’s all about Christmas trees, Santa clause, Christmas wreath, snowflake ornaments, Christmas candy cane etc with the traditional holiday color of red, green, golden, silver and blue.

When Christmas holiday is drawing nearer and nearer, people start getting in the mood and begin making plans to decorate your surroundings for the purpose of creating a strong festival atmosphere.  To make relevant Christmas jewelry is one of the must-to-do things. Never brother too much on that task as I am going to  introduce you an easy and fast way to finish Christmas themed  jewelry projects.

Yes, that is Christmas themed resin cameos and cabochons that carved with traditional Christmas icons and colors.

These resin cameos are flat in back and can be used for anything that could be sticked on, like  mount and settings, resin cabochons, bezels, art papers etc.. In addition that, you can also make holes to use it as a focal pendents since resin products are easy to make a whole with. To know more creative and fashion ways of using resin cameo, click this blog: What Can You Do With Cameos and try the ways  by yourself.

Other recommended holiday cameos:






Sparkle the Infinite Creativity with the Digital Collage Sheet and Vintage Style Settings

Is there an easy way to make a unique and special necklace? Yeah, there it is! Use the digital collage sheets and stylish settings.

It’s the easiest way I’ve never ever tried regarding to the few materials and tools and the easy techniques. All the making process can be divided into three steps:

Firstly, mixing the Ice Resin with the right ratio;

Secondly, choosing the featured collage sheet and stylish setting;

Thirdly, dripping the mixed Ice Resin into your bezel form or settings until it formed a smooth cambered surface.

Then wait patiently for 6 to 10 hours to let it dry.

So easy and achievable, isn’t it?

Well it can be much easier since Zacoo also designed and collected digital collage sheet of different themes that exactly matches with our vintage style settings and bezels for your continence.

For instance, to create a fancy doll themed necklace, think about the digital sheet of CS0001, CS0005,CS0005 and the corresponding sized settings will be recommended for you via Related Products column on the top right.

Get started to enjoy the convince Zacoo offered to you and the fun of creative.

Hot Beading Thread and Beading Cord

Beading thread and cord are all basically the base for any jewelry project you are working on.

Beading thread is a thin, strong fiber line used to stitch beads together in bead-weaving projects. There are many varieties available, including both natural and synthetic fibers, parallel and plied filament, thermally bonded, pre-stretched, and more.

They come in different strengths, flexibility and width and each is best for different beads and projects. Some are better to work with when using crystals, some better suited to seed beads. Therefore, when choosing the right stringing threads, you need to consider the weight of your beads and the size of their holes. While keeping in mind the need for movement and flexibility in your strung jewelry piece, it is recommended to choose the strongest stringing material possible for the types of beads you have in hand.

Beading cord is thicker than beading thread and is traditionally used for stringing, knotting, macramé, and crochet projects, or bead-weaving projects that use larger beads. Cord is sometimes used in place of string, thread or wire to make bracelets, necklaces and ankle bands. These are made with different materials such as cotton, nylon, leather, stretchy rubber as well as plastics.

My favourite one is round leather cord that is widely used when fashion and style come in to play. They have a finished look and are found in different colors so I am able to mix them with other elements and plans for some refined finished projects.

Find the perfect material to make your next special project. Get it soon with Zacoo’s string material.

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