Simple Tips to Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

Fashion wigs and various hair extensions is one of the  new product lines of

Maybe you tired of the same hair style of yourself, but on the other hand, to make new hair styles in salons is not a wise choice.  Try our wigs and haire extensions to make a different you.

Step 1 When braiding your extension in, it is recommended that you choose from one of the following styles. A tree braid, braid weave or French braid. It is generally recommended that you pick the one which you are most comfortable with as this will lead to best results; especially if it is your first time.

Step 2 Pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure it using a clip. Ensure that your hair is tight, however not too tight as you will need to keep it back for some time while you apply the extensions.

Step 3 Now you need to lift sections of hair from underneath the ponytail. Please note that each layer that you lift should be around the length of your hand in width. Now proceed to place the weft right underneath it. Certain stylists recommend you should always place parallel sections above each weft; however that is a judgment call that you can make through looking at samples.

Step 4 This step is called blending and refers to the process of making your hair and the extensions look like they belong together. One way you can do this is to curl your hair and the extensions. Should you decide to either curl or straighten your hair using hot curlers then you should only do this on your natural hair, and then use a curling brush to interweave the synthetic hair extension into it.

Step 5 Place a hair extension into the bottom of the ponytail to finish. This should go between the underside of the ponytail and just below where the synthetic hair starts. You should then fluff out the hair with your fingers until it sits naturally.

New Arrived Pearlized Beads and Cabochons, Exclusive for the Wedding Season

If you’re a fall or winter bride this year, how can you miss out our exclusive new arrivals of pearlized beads and cabochons, which brings elegance and magnificent on the big day in your life?

In terms of function, there are beads and cabochons to satisfy your diverse needs. I always love use cabochons, easy and quick to match with all settings but can create different styles which are out of your expectation.

In terms of shape, new shapes of heart, teardrop and marquise will overturn traditional looks of round and rice that bring you fresh and new designs.

The beads sizes are all common used ordinary sizes from 4mm to 12mm. Though string beads with same shape and same color, the different sizes beads will also build a feeling of disorder which make your jewelry piece out of dull and common.  If you don’t believe, just have a try.

So share my necklace that get inspired from those elegant beads. This necklace can be the spot for a bride on her special day, or a good summer days inspiration. When you enjoy your beach holiday, don’t forget to take it along with you.

Get Your Color Ideas Inspired by New Glass Pearls-30 Fashion Colors in Choice

Having a browse on Zacoo’s product lines to choose one best choice for summer inspirations, glass pearls come into my sight. It really has countless reasons for you to choose them.

In aspect of colors, 30 colors from dark series like black, gray, brown and chocolate and so on to bright colors of white, coral, yellow, rose red, it satisfied wedding jewelry design, vintage style or even punk style inspirations!

When coming to sizes, it has 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm respectively. Sizes are reasonable and common used. Such an upgrading beads size is perfect to make multi-layers necklace! You don’t need to bother too much on beads sizes.

As for quality, it’s made of good glass texture that reflects a tender light like natural pearls. Well, it’s much cheaper than pearls.

If you have no idea of your summer inspirations, just try our selected summer new product line of glass pearls. Let their splendors colors inspired your idea!!

see inspiration ideas with new arrival glass pearls:

New Favorite Jewelry Supplies for Home &Wedding Decoration and More


It’s just in time we have our new arrival products of flat back rhinestones. Easy made, vast choice in colors and shapes, and flexible creation possibility, all these good features have made rhinestones the new favorite art supplies, especially for home and wedding decoration.

This time, 120 rhinestones in 12 colors and 10 shapes are prepared for your choice. They are in hot neon colors, in pretty shapes of moon, flower, star, heart, teardrop, rhombus and so on.

How will we use it? It’s really countless ways as long as you can imagine.

You can decorate any you home appliance, like mobile phone, laptop, picture frame, light…

You can refine your wedding project, like invitation card, wineglass, wedding dress…

You can refresh your old jewelry piece, like hair clip, earrings, necklace

You can make fun for your daily make up! Stick some on your nails, face, your lip…

I am sure your thoughts are more than that!

Get start to refine and refresh everything you may think about with new rhinestones.

Also, we have promotion and free sample give away for these new arrivals.

Join us to win free new arrival sample in our face book page !!

Album of Rhinestones
Butterfly Shape Rhinestones

Square Rhinestones

Prismatic Rhinestones

Triangle Rhinestones

Star Rhinestones

Tear Drop Rhinestones

Knot Rhinestones

Refine Your Summer Jewelry with New Product Line of Crystal Large Hole Beads

Guess what new lines we have brought for this summer?

Yes, it’s Crystal Roundel Large Hole Beads. The first sight at these beads, I am completely infatuated with splendors colors and shinning effect reflected by facets of precisely cut and polished.

Solid colored crystal roundel large hole beads are calm and gorgeous while transparent ones are breezy and energetic. You can also see them in AB plated effect and special effect.

The most beautiful kinds I want to recommended are those with assorted and mix colors. Unlike solid color ones, any one is different from each other even though they are in the same category. The combine of the colors and the new manufacture craft all create a brand-new look on them.

All together 50 colors and 100 products on your choice!!  Let’s see beautiful photos of each kinds.

Crystal Roundle Large Hole Beads with Brass Grommet

Crystal Roundle Large Hole Beads without Brass Grommet

Solid Color Crystal Roundle Large Hole Beads

Transparent Color Crystal Roundle Large Hole Beads

Crystal Roundle Large Hole Beads in Special Effect

Crystal Roundle Large Hole Beads of Assorted Color, my favorite~~

 Be the first to add them to your jewelry design and it’s really good treasure that worth you to belong with.

Don’t forget to use our coupon “FlowerMe” to save 10% for your order. It’s only three days left before it goes invalid.

New Oval Jump rings to Add Fun for Jewelry Findings

Hi dear,

In this section of newsletter and at the time of Mother’s Day, we introduce our new arrived jewelry findings in this big way – Jump Rings!

Jump rings to jewelry are like air to human. You like my metaphor?

See the jewelry pieces of your jewelry case, can you find one piece that doesn’t use jump rings, especially chainmail jewelries which are totally made of jump rings with creative weaving patterns.

This time, our purchaser delicately selected the most used jump rings in 8 common colors and sizes. Altogether almost 100 jump rings serve up for your choice.

In terms of shape, we have round and oval two kinds. I strongly recommend our designers to have a try on those oval jump rings to inspire outstanding creations. Just have fun on findings!!

In terms of color, they are in 8 common colors of nickel, silver, gold, black, antique copper, antique brass, gun metal black and imitation rhodium.

When comes to function, you can choose closed jump rings, open jump rings and split jump rings for your needs of jewelry inspiration.

And the sizes, we have jump rings in gauge 15,18,19,21 and 24 and sizes are range from 1.0mm to 14mm.

Really vast choices! How can you miss out!!

Moreover, don’t forget to use our special offer for Mother’s Day to save 10% on any order form May 5 to May 19, 2012.

Collect New Beads for Summer Jewelry Inspiration

Hi dear,

Spring is almost slipping by from our life. Perhaps you begin to plan lots of things respect to jewelry or jewelry making for the coming summer. You want to catch up jewelry trends, color trends for the summer, or shop the newest beads and supplies to fresh your summer jewelry designs.

As it’s never late to experience and explore something new in our life. I highly recommend having a try on Zacoo’s new miracle beads, a board choice on colors, shapes and sizes. With new beads, I am sure one can always generate new ideas.

Altogether, 230 more miracle beads added in New Arrivals recently.

Indulged shopping new beads and enjoy new jewelry design ideas we provided you!!

Fresh Your Jewelry Design with New Acrylic Beads in New Shapes

There are several way that we can make our jewelry designs fresh and outstanding like introducing new colors, adapting the latest beading techniques or using the beads with new shapes.

Here we go with Zacoo’s new miracle acrylic beads in rich colors and shapes. We add 18 kinds of colors of lake blue, bright orange, lavender, light purple, green and yellow, grass green, pepper red, chocolate brown, mustard and fluorescent silver etc to offer you a board choice in color. The ranges for beads shapes also varied from rice, teardrop, ogival, oval etc. with the minimum of 4 mm to the maximum of 30mm.

To inspire your jewelry design,  we also make some inspirations with them. It turns out so amazing even with the simple techniques and jewelry design.

We use wire and miracle beads to make stylish jewelry focal pendants. A strong Arabic fairy tales world is open to you !!


Three tear drop miracle beads in different sizes in lake blue hanging down from a beaded wire are too much alike rain of summer which brings you a breezy and fresh mood.

This is made of tear drop miracle beads. The red color is so inspiring and would really be a spot to enhance your office dress.

Try new arrived new miracle beads can also refresh your jewelry designs as those miracle beads are so plentiful in colors and shapes.

Explore new beads and make your jewelry design outstanding.

Sparkle the Wedding Season with New Arrived Rhinestones

It is almost wedding season!Are you one of happy brides who are busy with planning endless things and making all kinds of decisions? To DIY something special is concluded in your wedding to do list?

In such circumstance, perhaps you don’t want to learn complex beading techniques to make your wedding inspirations. While easy beading techniques doesn’t always mean simple looks or normal appearance if you consider using new arrived acrylic flat-back rhinestones. Sparkle your eyes and your wedding with them in 20 fresh and beautiful colors in three sizes. To glue them in your wedding dress, headwear, wedding shoes etc.

As long as you can imagine, the creativity of acrylic flat-back rhinestone is limited.

Try it yourself, to put on a new and bling-bling look on stuffs around you and enjoy the joyful moment of handmade.

Add New Arrived Colorful Miracle Beads to Spring Jewelry Designs

Spring is right under the way. Be bold and beautiful, this season you can’t miss out new innovated and popular colors like Tangerine Tango, Cabaret, Bellflower, Solar Power, Sodalite Blue etc. Choose and find those new and fashionable colors supplies from Zacoo’s NEW ARRIVAL miracle beads. In addition, beads sizes are also varied of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

By simply stringing mix colors miracle beads to make a candy-like bracelet or creating waved patterns to make a gorgeous necklace, miracle beads can satisfy with your various jewelry creations.

Take your time and shop our new arrivals.


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