Safeguard Faith and Devotion with Our Spiritual Items

Lots of us are one of the believers of religion that are differed with all kinds of spiritual symbols and signs such as cross, angels, crowns, Christ etc.. A word or a sentence can also be your spiritual beliefs that accompany you every time especially you feel desperate.

This section if all about religious and spiritual items we selected for you believers. Cross charms, beads in various designs, jewelry beads that perfect for making rosary bracelets or necklace, prayer box and locket pendants to keep your inner peace or strength…

Moreover, we made new religious-themed jewelries and new beading techniques to get your ideas inspired.

The first one is chain maille cuff bracelet ! To learn how to make this bracelet, please follow our new beading technique of European 4-in-1 Chain Maille

When this chain maille bracelet jumped into your eyes, you wish you have it ! Made of jump rings in black and gold colors, this cuff bracelet is featured especially by the golden Cross symbol in the middle that is mapped with jump rings. It needs nothing but little more patience !!

The second one reminds of me four words to describe it : pure, clam, love and devotion!The design of cross charm is also matched naturally with glass pearls in light coffee color the oval link charm.

Is this the same feeling of you toward this earring when you see it at the first sight?

The third and the fourth one are one jewelry set . Both featured with cross charms and chains.

If you tired to have pretty and delicate styles earring, why not try to make this “Forever Faith” earring to bring yourself a sense of bold and wild. Use chains, cross charms and versatile links to make your inspiration unlimited.

The last one is a free style chained multi-strand necklace featured with different cross charms. Have a look at the chain necklace, i use chains with different shapes, colors, sizes. It’s full of fun !!

For more religious or spirituality style jewelry designs , just have a visit here with our topic page :

Keep Calm and Carry On – Celebrate Olympics Spirit with Bold Color Beads, Message Pendant and Sport Charms

Olympics held in London are taking fiercely, just like the hot summer weather in north countries, like here in China. Though we can’t see competitions at the scene, the air around us seems be injected with strong Olympic spirit. People in all kinds of walks talked the same topic, sharing the sports, the new champion, and stories behind them. You love that atmosphere, right?

Yeah, that is Olympics spirit.

It’s the Olympics spirit that give Olympic athletes and sports much higher profiles and the increased attention they deserve.

It’s the Olympics spirit to build a peaceful and better world in these increasingly troubled time in which we live, with mutual understanding, spirit of friendship, solidarity, tolerance and harmonious.

You can use our colorful glass pearls to make sport-themed inspirations, or you can use our alphabate beads and message pendants to express the soul of  ”friendship”,”trust”,”believe”,”dream”,”good luck”and”honesty”etc..

You can also choose sport-themed zinc alloy charms to make fun bracelet.

Enjoy the inspirations we create especially for the Olympic Games:

No.1  Glass Pearls Olympics Spirit Necklace

No.2 Message Pendants Necklace

No. 3 Fun Zinc Alloy Sports Charms Bracelet

Usher Into Wedding Season with New Bridal Jewelry Inspiration Ideas


We are getting married!

Rustic wedding, vintage wedding and modern wedding, the top three weddings are listed on the most popular wedding styles wish list for people in love for their big day in life.

We make this page exclusive for your needs to make jewelries by yourself.

Whatever you choose either of the wedding style, you will find the right beads and jewelry supplies easily to make your special day jewelry accessory as well as other decorations.

Follow our instruction and get well prepared for the coming big day!

New Inspiration Ideas for 2012 Fall/Winter Wedding

Group One : This group jewelies are well designed for you if you’d prefer a rustic style wedding.

You can design rustic style jewelies with  pastel pearls, antiqued metals and copper, floral charms, filigree components and chain.
Choosing the bold color of pretty green, sunshine yellow and enthusiastic orange red resin flowers to match with golden filigree links and chains, this necklace is perfect for your pure and simple outfits. And it’s also a good choice for rustic style necklace if you are a bride for this wedding season!!

The golden filigree links with delicate patterns and golden chains make this earring shining and luxury. Well, the light pink fullness daisy blooms quietly and confidently that bring this inspiration a sense of gentle, easy and vivid.

When freeze green and golden combined in a jewelry piece, this jewelry looks neither bold nor overstate as the individual colors shows, instead it looks very comfortable, breezy and noble.

Group Two: This group designs are right for those who want to dress  to become a vintage style bridal.

Elegant and antique as this inspiration, this brooch featured with pearlized beads and cabochons with new shapes and long chain tassels is full of love and romance.

See the two pairs of fairy ears prepared for bride and bridegroom !!!!
They are made of jewelry wir,which is such a kind of magic jewelry supply that can make everything you may think.

Like this pair of fairy ears, pointy ears decorated with glass pearls, it’s really a unique and outstanding creations that worth you to have.

This fairy ears are displaying shapes of wing that reminds me of the ancient winged dragon. Well, also like the wing of bat !

Group Three: For those who favors of modern style weddings, you may inspired by our following designs.Design with sparkly pearls,  crystals, gold filigree components, colored gems and shining silver.

Combine bright blue glass pearls, white glass pearls and elegant pearalized acrylic beads and crystals with different shapes and sizes, this necklace is delicately made for summer time, wearing it during your beach holiday or on your big day in your life.

This wire working bracelet is featured with glass pearls and pearlized acrylic beads in white and ivory colors. The pearls tender light makes us think about bright and clear moon hanging in the dark sky.

Make it Easy for Father’s Day Inspirations with 2012 Men’s Jewelry and Craft Ideas

Have you ever think about making a special gift for your father this Father’s Day?

From ideas getting inspired to selecting products you needs, from learning beading techniques to assembling beads and findings together, you experience the whole process and solve all the problems independently. No matter how imperfectly it is at last, you will see your father’s smile from the bottom of heart. That will ever be the best gift for your father.

Therefore, get started to get your jewelry or craft ideas inspired as Father’s Day is only several weeks.

To better save your time and provide assistance for you, our editors choose jewelry beads and supplies related with Father’s Day. And several jewelry and craft ideas are also posted to help you inspired.


Share My Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days that we want to celebrate with women in our lives, your wife, your dear mom or your grandma etc. To express your love and sincere thanks and make something special for them is in your events list? Then you’d better not miss out our carefully designed page especially for the coming Mother’s Day!

We selected featured jewelry beads and supplies with moms in three different roles which help you to choose your desired items easier. Besides, three jewelry design ideas for them are also provided and we hope you can get inspired from here.

No 1. This is for young moms,i choose the pink color as the whole hue of this piece, just as baby's face.
It just creates the atmosphere of warm, romantic, sweet, clam … you have the feeling with me?


Attracted by the color of this pair of earrings? Square sky blue glass beads is as clear as a hard candy while round golden glass beads is as sweet as honey. Joggling chains made up of jump rings also make this design breezy and cherry.

No. 3  Perhaps this kind of jewelry is right for independent moms.

Pearls are always the best choice for mother’s day gift. Pearls in white, blue and silver are suit for young mothers as well as grandma. If you want it bold and shining, just try and add some crystal beads.


This earring featured with a triangle shape made up of three round circles and two long lines. It’s simple elegance with the round blue glass pearl.


Do you want to bring your kind grandma some surprises ? Then you can’t miss out this creation.

If she like geometric figure designs, she must favor this one. It is made of square ceramic beads in dark red and emerald with a hue of vintage.

No. 6

Dark red and emerald, square and rectangle, the match of two colors and two shapes will inevitably create the shape contrast but an overall harmonious beauty.

Do my handmade jewelry pieces inspired your jewelry ideas for women you want to love and thank in your live ?

Then  shop with us and create right now  as Mother’s Day is no less than a month.




Enjoy Beautiful Jewelry Designs in Valentine’s Day

Today lovers are doing or planing how to spend the most cherishing day with his or her beloved ones.

It is not difficult to make your beloved one delightful as long as we enjoy the most beautiful things. To see the beautiful jewelry designs for the new year is not a bad idea for those who loves their life, loves jewelry making. So let me post zacoo’s new jewelry designs and discuss them with the one you care about and sharing your views in every aspect.

The first one, it is especially for this valentine’s day.

Combining heart shape pendants, pink shining crystals and fanscinating frigle chains to a valentine’s jewelry design, when you receiving the gift ,you are the lucky dog on Feb 14, 2012. It’s no way not to open your heart for each other.

The second one, published and released on BeadStyle Magazine, one of the most popular jewelry beading magazines in western countries.

This two layers necklace uses rich and fresh colors like bright yellow,transparent blue,light green to bring a sweet and warm hue to your daily dressing up.The soft waxed cotton cord also generate a romantic feeling from the bottom of your heart as well.

The third one, published and released on Bead & Button, one of the best jewelry making magazines in designers and lovers’s beading life.

Golden intricate focal pendants bring a breath taking beauty at the first sight. Resin flowers of autumn and winter color in different styles bloom in the floral antique brass settings, lavender pearl beads shining with soft light come across coiled antique rings, chains differed in length and color are as well intensely interesting and eye catching. 

Hope these breath-taking beautiful things add romantic accent to this day ~~~




How Can You Miss Out Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on Your Thanksgiving Party

How could you miss out fresh fruits and vegetables both on your good thanksgiving dinner and thanksgiving beading party ?

Fruits and vegetable style lampwork beads maybe the best choice for decoration in this special day. Splendorous in color and smooth in surface, fun and whimsical feel brought by bugs sculptured in each piece, these classic estate style  beads are all handmade beads with good quality and cheap prize.

The biggest character I want to mention is that each type owns several different colors that break through the common sense of people by existing a brand new look with totally different colors. Surprised to see yellow watermelons, white apples, blue corns? It’s no big deal just add new flavors and fantasy to the old and traditional ! Selected for their special and odd colors, these pendants will add new flavors to your jewelry designs.

Apple, lemon, cherry, strawberry, pears, pineapple, eggplant, cucumbers, tomato etc. all together twenty more kinds of daily vegetables and fruits, there is always one for your favorite.

Christmas Symbols and Their Traditional and Legend

Christmas is the most joyous time world over, and also the most popular festival globally.

Like pumpkins, jack-o lantern and bats are icons of Halloween’s Day, turkey and harvest of fruits and corns for Thanks giving Day, Christmas holiday also has some of the interesting and enjoyable icons and symbols. Christmas star, Mistletoe, Ivy, Laurel & Rosemary, Holly, Christmas Rose, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Wreath, Christmas toys etc.. In fact, these things have become so common with the celebration of Christmas, through these symbols people come to know that Christmas has come.

While you know what are the old traditions, customs and rituals that associated with those icons? Following are some of the symbols that have been eventually attached to the Day celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ.

  Christmas Star

   The Christmas star has traditionally been associated with the spirit of the celebration related to the birth of             Jesus Christ. The Christmas star symbolizes high hopes and high ideals.




A symbol of love, peace and goodwill, Mistletoe is an aerial parasite that has no roots of its own and lives off the     tree that it attaches itself to. It is believed that the plant had special healing powers for everything from female       infertility to poison ingestion.



   Ivy, Laurel & Rosemary

  The Christmas symbol of ivy stands for the eternal life in pagan religions, whereas Romans believed laurel was        sacred to the sun god Apollo. Rosemary was used during the Middle Ages by housewives to spread on the              floor at Christmas.




The holly is a man’s plant and is believed to bring good luck and protection to men. It is thought that whoever          brings the first sprig of Christmas holly into the home will wear the pants that year.




The poinsettia flower is small, green or yellow and situated in the middle of the bracts. The poinsettia is named after Joel R. Poinsett, who served as the USA first ambassador to Mexico, from 1825-1829.




  Glastonbury Thorn

Glastonbury Thorn, also known as “The Holy Thorn of Glastonbury”. The glastonbury thorn legend ties in          Christ’s death as well as the celebration of his birth.




  Christmas Stocking

Children all over the world continue the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings. Originally, children simply    used one of their everyday socks, but eventually special Christmas stockings were created for this purpose.




Christmas Wreath

Widely known, the customs of Christmas wreath come from the traditional celebration of the birth of Christ, which was later on combined with the harvest and winter solstice festivals in ancient Rome.




  Christmas Toys

Children anywhere in the world are excited and joyous on receiving Christmas toys as a gift. Available in      almost infinite variety of choices, Christmas toys are for every age of childhood, and there are many different    kinds for each age. (more…)

Christmas Is Almost Here Be Sure To Plan Ahead

Christmas is almost here! Christmas trees, Santa clause, Christmas wreath, snowflake ornaments, Christmas candy cane have been lifted to shelves of stores.

When Christmas holiday is drawing nearer and nearer, people start getting in the mood and begin making plans to decorate your surroundings for the purpose of creating a strong festival atmosphere.  To make relevant Christmas jewelry is one of the must-to-do things. Never brother too much on that task as I am going to  introduce you an easy and fast way to finish Christmas themed  jewelry projects.

Yes, that is Christmas themed resin cameos and cabochons that carved with traditional Christmas icons and colors.

These resin cameos are flat in back and can be used for anything that could be sticked on, like  mount and settings, resin cabochons, bezels, art papers etc.. In addition that, you can also make holes to use it as a focal pendents since resin products are easy to make a whole with. To know more creative and fashion ways of using resin cameo, click this blog: What Can You Do With Cameos and try the ways  by yourself.

Size the Last Chance to Make A Halloween Featured Art Piece

It’s just several hours to embrace the crazy Halloween sleepless night.  Are you nervous that your online shopping beads for making a special project for this day are delayed for some reasons ? Are you not satisfied on your creations that you think it’s old fashion and couldn’t attract the attentions of others?

Don’t bother too much. Size the last chance to make a featured Halloween art piece by Zac00′s various digital collage sheets.

Digital collage sheets are kinds of products that have the latest pattern and designs to fit for all kinds of art piece themes.  Some are very stylish images created by artists home and abroad in different periods, some are our visual designers unique designs.

Unlike common products like jewelry beads and supplies, they are fast in delivery, less paid and easy in making unique project. Once you have select your desired collage sheets and complete the payment, you can directly down lode the digital version for this piece.No shipping fee, no handing fee, no time-delaying and no kidding !!!!

For the sake of saving time, have a look at fast way tutorial of making digital collage sheets art piece. I am sure you can get more inspirations in the last several hours with that adorable images.

Three ways of dealing with digital collage sheets:

1. Using glue-on bails and cabochons :

2.Using ring settings and glass cabochons:

3.Using antique brass sittings and mountings:

The possibilities are limited. Search the correspondent materials around you and replace some items that you are short of like glue-on bails, glass cabochons and settings.



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