Size the Last Chance to Make A Halloween Featured Art Piece

It’s just several hours to embrace the crazy Halloween sleepless night.  Are you nervous that your online shopping beads for making a special project for this day are delayed for some reasons ? Are you not satisfied on your creations that you think it’s old fashion and couldn’t attract the attentions of others?

Don’t bother too much. Size the last chance to make a featured Halloween art piece by Zac00′s various digital collage sheets.

Digital collage sheets are kinds of products that have the latest pattern and designs to fit for all kinds of art piece themes.  Some are very stylish images created by artists home and abroad in different periods, some are our visual designers unique designs.

Unlike common products like jewelry beads and supplies, they are fast in delivery, less paid and easy in making unique project. Once you have select your desired collage sheets and complete the payment, you can directly down lode the digital version for this piece.No shipping fee, no handing fee, no time-delaying and no kidding !!!!

For the sake of saving time, have a look at fast way tutorial of making digital collage sheets art piece. I am sure you can get more inspirations in the last several hours with that adorable images.

Three ways of dealing with digital collage sheets:

1. Using glue-on bails and cabochons :

2.Using ring settings and glass cabochons:

3.Using antique brass sittings and mountings:

The possibilities are limited. Search the correspondent materials around you and replace some items that you are short of like glue-on bails, glass cabochons and settings.



Spooky and Featured Halloween Jewels by Fashion Artists and Genuines

Crazy Halloween is just around the corner. Have you prepared the spooky masks and costumes and to have yourself a subversion that impressed all people in the party?

Today lets share jewels art pieces by famous fashion genuine and artists and enjoy the strong atmosphere of Halloween Holiday ahead of time. Gath and tribal style art works of Pamela Love, sexy and seductive flash lips with shinning sharp teeth ring made by Betsey Johnson, Garrard’s inspiration of Magican Flame ring etc…

Each one would be a worthy collection for you to attend and indulge in the crazy Halloween Carnivals and parties.

Betsey Johnson Sexy and seductive Flash Lips with Shinning Sharp Teeth Ring

 Boucheron, Python Ring

Lydia Courteille, The Skull head ring in blackened gold, green garnets, black diamonds, antique amulets

Stephen Webster In Deep Spider Crab Crystal Haze Ring with Black Opal

Shaun Leane, Large Gold Hook Earrings

Shaun Leane, Gold & Ivory Enamel Eagle Claw Bracelet

Garrard Fire of London ring with spinels and diamonds

To see more jewelry pieces ,go and have a look at Zacoo Blog’s Photo Album.


Stock up Spooky Jewelry Supplies for You Halloween Carnival

With Halloween only a month away, it’s time to start getting in the mood and begin making plans. In fact, some of us are in that mood all year long since picking a costume , attending costume parties or Halloween party, decorating your surroundings, carving jack-o’-lanterns, visiting haunted attractions are always sort of daunting tasks.

Compare with those activities, to make a Halloween theme jewelry article of your style seems much easier and more interesting. You can and should design your wearing such as bracket, necklace, earrings, or other accessories around the theme of this Halloween.

Cute pumpkin beads in different sizes and colors are one of the most popular jewelry components to make perfect pumpkin earrings that won’t look so creepy and frightening.

Antique copper and Tibetan silver charms and pendants includes skulls, vampires, devils, bat, scorpion, tarantula, centipede, skeleton beads or other spooky beads and charms will add more choices for creating festive Halloween jewelry too.

If you want to be special and innovative, choose digital collage sheet and resin cameos of Halloween theme, and matche with corresponding settings. It will definitely make yours out stand of others.

The above mentioned beads, charms, cameos and collage sheet are all available in Zacoo’s festival topic : Happy Halloween.

So, here you’ll find all your holiday needs and a few inspiration ideas to help get you started on spooky jewelry.

Here I am glad to share some of my jewelry inspirations using all Zacoo’s jewelry beads and Supplies.

Inspiration 1.

Inspiration 2.

Inspiration 3.

Inspiration 4.

Inspiration 5.