Create jewelry with wood beads

Wood beads are made of wood and given various shapes like round, cube, oval, spiral, barrel, rectangular and that of various flowers, animals, leaves, etc. The beads have natural wood color and are often artificially colored. Some of the beads are available in polished form and yet few are unpolished. Beads manufacturers and wholesale beads suppliers make and supply all kinds of wood beads.

Wood Beads, Orange, Rice, about 6x4mm, with Hole of 1mm

wood beads

Next, let us talk about the use of wood beads.

They are used in garments and apparels.
The wood beads are also used in making jewelry like necklace and bracelet. The jewelry is individually hand crafted and each piece is unique.
Wood bead curtains are the most adorable thing at home and wood beads curtains are immensely used at the windows and doors. Generally it is the inside door that is decorated with wood bead curtain.

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