Cruise into July with New Jewelry Inspiration Ideas – Necklace, Earrings &Bracelet

Cruise into July with new inspiration ideas, get inspired with our selected inspiration projects of necklaces, earrings, bracelet and ring. A fun and trendy selection of glass pearl beads, crystals, acrylic new shape beads and chains, wires and jump rings are available. Take advantage of the easy and details illustration techniques on these jewelry inspirations and brighten your summer mood.

You may favor of Arabic Magic Bottle or you want to be a queen of party by wearing this delicate and vintage Queen of Night Party Necklace and earring with charming chain tassels. You’d like to have a strong featured chain and cord wrapped bangle or just the opposite to decorate your ear with a single Red Hot Pepper earring.

Therefore, learn our new beading techniques and create new jewelries with me !

Covering A Beads Technique-Hot Pepper Earring

Mess Wire Ring Technique- Encircled Ring

Mess Wire Ring Technique-Life Origin

Mess Wire Ring Technique-Sunny and Young Age

Wire Wrap Technique-Snake Ridge

Rhinestones Technique-Gypsies Moon

New Chain Maille Patern-Queen of the Night Necklace