Do you know How to Clean Pewter Jewelry?

Pewter is one of the many alloys of tin having small amounts of other metals too. Pewter dates back to the Roman days and was only something the rich and wealthy could afford. Pewter beads are basically metal beads made of the metal alloy called pewter.
The usage Pewter beads is mainly related to making jewelry trinkets. Other than jewelry, pewter usage can be seen in making embellishments for fringes, curtains, throws etc. From among the pewter jewelry beads, pewter beads and jewelry charms are the most popular pewter beads jewelry. Pewter pendants and pewter necklaces are also popular among jewelry lovers. In fact, pewter spacer beads and pewter charms are used extensively for making other types of jewelry findings too.
How to Clean Pewter Jewelry
1 Moisten a soft cloth with water and wring out the cloth so it is merely damp.
2 Apply a small dot of hand soap to the cloth and work the soap into light bubbles.
3 Rub the moistened cleaning cloth carefully over the pewter jewelry. Handle the pewter jewelry with extreme care because pewter is a soft metal that could easily bend or break if you exert too much pressure on it.
4 Rinse the cleaning cloth with water to remove the soap from the cloth.
5 Wipe the rinsed cleaning cloth over the pewter jewelry a second time to remove soap residue.

6 Dry the pewter jewelry with a dry cloth.