Do you know some tips for beaded jewelry making?

With the fashion trend development, we do not buy some ugly jewelry which is all the same. We want to make some difference and do it by ourselves. But there are some tips for you to remember when making your beaded jewelry. The editor gives some introduction about it and for your reference.
1, we must master the basic diagram. If we want to make beaded jewelry by jewelry beads and jewelry supplies, we must firstly have a diagram about how to make it, and then follow the steps.
2, when the production of complex three-dimensional shape of beaded jewelry, the beginner must be based on the book’s illustrations and steps, each step must be done with a pencil mark.
3, three-dimensional ornaments with fishing line strings, after a good series, but also the structure of the accessories along the series from start to finish once again be strong.
4, make the wholesale beads in the wrong position: wrong with pliers clip string of beads can be broken.
5, Take-Two square knot fight, fight after the end of both ends of the thread through the 2 or 3 beads to hide the line, to prevent the thread loose, then cut the line. Finally, the thread burned with a lighter ball moistened with glue.
6, if the length is not enough to take the jewelry findings such as fishing line, the first ending with the closing line of the way and then another to get a new fishing line, wearing the beads continue to complete the work.