Get New Halloween Inspirations with Unique Resin Cabochons

Halloween is drawing nearer and nearer. Want to add something different and unique to your halloween inspirations insteads of usual items such as skulls, pumpkins, bats,haunting jewelries etc.?

All would be achievable in Zacoo’s September New Arrivals.Resin beads and cabochons is one of Zacoo’s main and featured product line which has the largest quantities, styles and patterns.

Two types of new arrived resin cabochons about human organs of  anatomical ribs and heart are introduced this time for the sake of coming Holloween holiday. They are avaliable in various colors like red, pink, green and light yellow.

In addition to that, some common jewelry supplies for Holloween holiday such as skulls and  night owls are also among the new arrival list.

Use the above unique style beads as the focal beads of the project, meanwhile decorated with traditional Halloween theme supplies of antique style spiders and pumpkings to make your own style accessories.

Shopping for the latest and unique resin cabochons and bring new looks for your jewelry designs.