Get Your Color Ideas Inspired by New Glass Pearls-30 Fashion Colors in Choice

Having a browse on Zacoo’s product lines to choose one best choice for summer inspirations, glass pearls come into my sight. It really has countless reasons for you to choose them.

In aspect of colors, 30 colors from dark series like black, gray, brown and chocolate and so on to bright colors of white, coral, yellow, rose red, it satisfied wedding jewelry design, vintage style or even punk style inspirations!

When coming to sizes, it has 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm respectively. Sizes are reasonable and common used. Such an upgrading beads size is perfect to make multi-layers necklace! You don’t need to bother too much on beads sizes.

As for quality, it’s made of good glass texture that reflects a tender light like natural pearls. Well, it’s much cheaper than pearls.

If you have no idea of your summer inspirations, just try our selected summer new product line of glass pearls. Let their splendors colors inspired your idea!!

see inspiration ideas with new arrival glass pearls: