Happy Beading&Learning-How to Make Cluster Pendants Jun28


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Happy Beading&Learning-How to Make Cluster Pendants

Do you know what a cluster pendant looks like ? Well, cluster style earrings, necklace are so common seen in our jewelry inspiration project. See inspiration project about made of cluster beads, elegant and graceful.

The way of making cluster style or chandelier style is almost the same no matter your cluster pendant is grape-shape like or like soapsuds or just no clear shape at all. When making cluster pendant, just add beads to make the shape or feeling you like. Unlike seed beads project that you will follow strictly where to fix a bead and how to totally follow the pattern, cluster pendants making is at your our pleasure.

All right, follow me to understand the basic way of making this kind of jewelry piece.

Materials: Beads,like crystal beads, glass pearls,wood beads

Tools: Side Cutting Plier, Round Nose Plier, Chain Nose Plier

Step 1 Open and close the jump rings and simply string jump rings.You can also use chains to replace jump rings. The number of jump rings or the length of chains is depended by how long you want the cluster pendent.
Step 2 Select beads in different sizes and colors and make simple loops.

Step 3 Add simple loop beads from the first jump ring.

Step 4 Add simple loop beads to the second and the third jump ring.

Step 5 Continue to add simple loop beads to jump rings and select different colors and sizes beads to make it a beautiful shape.

Step 6 Congratulations, you’ve make a grape-shape cluster pendent.