Happy Beading&Learning-To Make a Snake-like Twisting Cord Bracelet

Every girl may have at least one  wild and exaggerate jewelry piece  in your casket, like puck style inspiration with skulls,rivet and bold metal, or chains and cuff bracelets. Don’t worry if you don’t have one such like that, as today I will share a tutorial to making a bracelet full of manhood and strong figure- Snake-like twisting cord bracelet.

I am sure you will love it for the easy-to-do tutorial and wild look of this bracelet.

See the looks when they are finished:

-Bracelet in Red color-

-Bracelet in Black Color-



So do they attractive ? If you like them,  follow the instructions and make that for yourself right now.

Materials: Chains; Leather Cords or Wax Cotton Cordsbeads
Tools: Side Cutting Plier and Scissor

Step 1 Cut four strands of 17-19cm chains. The length of chain is decided by the size of your wrist.
Step 2 String one meter long leather cord through the first row of chain links .

Step 3 String back both wire ends through the beads shown as the picture. Stretch both wire ends tight to your desired size of the ring mandrel.

Step 4 Sting a wood bead to the leather cord.

Step 5 Make a knot and fix the wood bead.

Step 6 Pick up the other leather cord end and string it through the second row of chain links.

Step 7 Sting back the leather cord and go through the third row of chain links.

Step 8 Repeat Step 7 to let the leather cord go through the rest chain links.

Step 9 Sting back the leather cord and go through the last row of chain links.

Step 10 Sting the leather cord to create a simple loop.

Step 11 Continue to sting back the leather cord and make another loop.

Step 12 String one end of leather cord (with wood bead) through the leather loop.

Step 13 String the other leather cord end to another leather loop.

Step 14 Tie a knot with the two leather cord as shown in the picture.

Step 15 Congratulations, you’ve successfully made a snake-like twisting cord chain bracelet.