Happy Learning&Designing: To Make a square Knot Bracelet

Hi, it’s Happy Designing&Learning that everyone can enjoy happiness and learn something for a day, especially for the beginners of the splendid beading world.

Knot is one of the fundamental skills of jewelry marking. You would be surprised how different types of existing patterns, besides new patterns and complicated styles are created every day by the craft fans. Maybe you are fond of making your own knitting bracelet on the one hand, on the other hand you probably step back when you see the sophisticated patterns and textures. Well, though different and sophisticated the patterns and textures, they are all derived from the basic knot techniques.

So today, we will learn one of the basic knot techniques—Square Knot. Square knots used to make colorful single or multi-strands bracelet.It also allows you to string beads or pretty charms to add special feel for the entire piece.

Let’s get start !

Step 1 Begin by folding the cord in half and tying an overhand knot to create a loop large enough for your finishing overhand knots to go through.

Step 2 Pick another cord and put it under the overhand knot. Tips: You will need something to hold the cords while you work with it. You can attach your project to a key ring or clipboard.

Step 3 Make a knot with the two ends of the cords and create four cords. Then lift the left cord and lay it loosening under the two cords in the middle. Lift the right cord and lay it loosening over the two cords in the middle.

Step 4 Pull on both left and right cords to tighten the knot.

Step 5 Repeat steps 3 to make more square knots. Then you can string a bead through the two cords in the middle wherever you prefer.

Step 6 Tie the next square knot below the bead by making a knot by the right and the left cord.

Step 7 Repeat Step 3 and continue to create square knots until you have reached the desired length of the piece.

Step 8 Add glue to the finishing parts and prevent it from loosening and fraying. Let the glue dry. Then cut the two excess cords.

Step 9 Slide a bead through two cords in the middle and tie an overhand knot with them. Add glue to the finishing knot to prevent it from loosening and cut the excess cords.

Step 10 Congratulations! You have learned how to make a piece using square knot.