Happy Learning&Designing: To Make A Wire Wrapping Ring


It’s really long time that we don’t have beading tutorials for our readers due to so many new arrivals and promotions recently. Miss it , right ?

So today, i will share a step by step beading tutorials about how to use wire to make a sparkling ring.

The materials is easy, wire and beads. To do this project, you can’t have miss an essential tools- ring mandrel which has exactly scale ensuring you to make the right ring size for you.

Ok, get prepared for all the materials and tools, then let’s follow my instructions.

Materials: Acrylic Beads ; Jewelry Wire

Tools: Chain Nose Pliers,Hammer

Step 1 Cut 60cm sliver beading wire in 18 gauges. String one bead to the center of the wire.
Step 2 Bend two ends of the wire against the beads and point downward.
Step 3 Put the bead against on the ring mandrel of your desired size and then begin to wrap the wire.

Step 4 Press tight of both ends and keep your beads in place. Make sure the wire runs parallel at the back of the mandrel.

Step 5 Wrap four loops and make the two ends point back in the direction it started, show in step 3.

Step 6 Take the ring out of the ring mandrel and hold the center of the bead, wrap one of the wire ends around the ring band with three wraps.

Step 7 Use side cutting plier to cut the tail end of the wire.

Step 8 Do the same to wrap the other end of the wire. Use chain nose plier to trim both ends.

Step 9 Place the ring back onto the ring mandrel. Taking a rubber mallet to hammer the back of the ring band, so the wires can lay flat.

Step 10 HCongratulations! You have completed a wire wrapped ring.