Happy Learning&Designing:Using Wire to Cover a Bead

Hi, it’s Happy Designing&Learning that everyone can enjoy happiness and learn something for a day, especially for the beginners of the splendid beading world.

Wire is so versatile in jewelry design and wire jewelry has been one of the mature and fashion trends in jewelry design world. So today,let’s learn the basic wire wrapping technique- using wire to cover a bead.

Step 1 Cut 15cm to 20 cm wire with side cutting plier.
Step 2 Using you chain nose pliers, grasp the wires right at the bend.
Step 3 Reposition wires and use round nose plier to make a simple loop.

Step 4 Grip the wire with your finger and wrap a set of loops.

Step 5 Cut the extra wires closed to the bead using side cutting plier.

Step 6 Grip straight the other side of the wire. The wires now have the function of head pin.

Step 7 String a red acrylic tear-drop bead to the wire.

Step 8 Using your round nose plier and grasp the wire right at the bend.

Step 9 To make a simple loop then.

Step 10 Hold the loop with the round nose plier and grip the wires with your fingers to wrap the loops.

Step 11 Continue wrapping the wires around the bead until you have covered as much of your beads as desired

Step 12 Cut the wires.

Step 13 Congratulations! You have successfully covered a bead.