Hot Deals:A Stylish Vintage Brooch on Your Autumn Dress

Autumn has been rain and chilly and it’s like winter is going to come soon. The sky is covered with grey clouds and the weather is mostly dull. The air becomes colder and the sun seldom shines. People also tend to put on thick clothes mostly in dark and grey colors. Autumn is season of gloomy and sadness.

Well to break out this dull and dreadful atmosphere is as easy as ABC. Add some accessories to your daily dress will make great effect to soften the chilly and gloomy air.

Today, I would like to display some brooch products and the shining and colorful inspiration made by them.

This kind of brooch can well attach with resin flower, resin cameos, digital collage sheets etc. since they all have a relatively flat setting.



To decorate them with chains, crystal beads, delightful charms will also make them more unique and fabulous.