Jewelry chains, all about jewelry making

Chain is a wonderful component for making jewelry. Chains can be used in almost any jewelry type, including necklaces and bracelets, and they can serve to decorate rings, brooches and hair pieces. Jewelry Charms and pendants can also be used to decorate chain link jewelry. Some are all metal, using sterling and gold-filled metals, while others are a mix of beads and wire. Chains are an essential jewelry component, while all chains and clasps make lovely accessories, certain designs are more suitable for different people.
Tell you some kind of jewelry chains:
Box Chain: The links on a box chain interconnect with each other and have a wide square shape.
Byzantine Chain: The design of a Byzantine Chain consists of a pair of oval-shaped links that combine together and then part by a larger third link.
Cable Chain: The cable chain is the most common type of link jewelry. It consists of rings that are all of the same size linked to each other.
Curb Chain: A curb chain is designed so links are twisted and oval shaped. They have been diamond cut so they lie flat.
Rope Chain: A rope chain has a spiral-like shape with two strands woven together.
Chains have been a mainstay of jewelry since humans learned to craft metal into decorative objects. Gold jewelry chains comprised part of a Minoan earring that dates back to the 17th century B.C. Heavy gold chains that were popular during the Renaissance enjoyed a revival in the early hip-hop culture of the 1980s. While some jewelry chains are fashionable worn alone and others are almost exclusively worn with pendants, they’re a popular fashion accessory among men and women alike.

With the popularity of the jewelry chain, ornament designers have decided to step up their production. Today these chains are available in various designs and depending on the pocket and the preference of a person, a purchase can be made with ease. You can not only find jewelry chains, but also jewelry charms, jewelry findings, and wholesale beads at here. These chains are found in everything right from inexpensive metals as well as expensive ones like platinum etc, but it is true that it is the designs of these ornaments that have worked as the major contributor towards their popularity. So the next time you go out to buy a chain, look at the various designs and view them as an independent ornament.