Jewelry Fashion Forecast For the Fall/Winter 2011

Jewelry accessories are important ever since every woman realized the glamor they bought. Classic pieces will be versatile and proper for most cases, but they can also result in boring if one wears those again and again. So grasp people’s eye and enhance you overall look by adding a little diversity.

Full of extravaganza is just the soul characters of the fall/winter 2011 jewelry collections. Try pieces looked like from Viking times – chunky, with lots of heavy metal, feathers and crystals for the following seasons.

Bold statements: large, colorful and unusual pieces that not only complement garments, but steal the spotlight. Oversized bracelets, long length earrings, extravagant necklaces all will be very trendy during Fall/Winter 2011.

All-metal jewelrywill make a splash in fall. Instead of the traditional pieces made of silver-plated and gold, lightweight metals, often yellow, bronze or grey, are taking the form of chains. Several structured, stunning combinations, angular and irregular forms are being brought out to add variety to this all metal jewelry trend in fall 2011.

Strong Motifs. Mix elements will be displaced among the jewelry pieces degined by artists and genius who has great courage to change the usual look. Popular, unusual ones have included snakes, elephants and bugs along with more traditional symbols of flowers, birds, leaves, feathers and coins.

Fashionable Fringe. Fringe is fashionable again to come out as jewelry but accessories for shoes, bags and cloths. And looks fantastic! Very hot.
Layered necklaces have never gone out of style, They have become more elaborate but compact at the same time.

Square or Triangular Bangles are another interesting arrival and investing in this new innovation for a subtle yet forward-thinking statement is definitely worth your money.

Huge Retro Inspired Rings. Huge rings are one of the hottest trends for Fall/ Winter 2011. They do look great and are pretty affordable.

The more The better. The more bracelets you have on your arm the more fashionable they will look. Plenty of thin and not very thin bangles look nice together.