Lampwork beads, the hottest art forms in jewelry making

Lampwork glass beads are used for a variety of purposes like for making lampwork jewelry and other crafts. Some of these lampwork glass beads such as the Christmas lampwork beads are used for decoration purposes too.

Lampwork Glass Beads, Gold Sands, Assorted, 20x20x12mm, Pumpkin.

The earliest forms of glass beads were dated to be 30,000 years old. Wearing lampwork beads is a classic and a modern trend as well. Lampwork Beads are a variant of wound glass beads. They were typically the works of men since producing them require melting glass at furnace temperatures. The decorative touch was then added by women, mostly in their homes by employing oil lamps (hence, the name lampwork) to reheat the core in order to decorate them using wisps of glass.
During the 19th century, mass production of lampwork beads became an industry for the Venetians. Modern lampwork beads are produced by heating a rod of glass with a gas torch then a resulting thread is spun all over a metal rod enclosed in bead release. As soon as the base bead has been molded, other glass colors can be added on the surface to create decorative effects. To achieve durability, the Jewelry Beads may be reheated in a kiln.

Lampwork Glass Beads, Silver Foils, Assorted, 24x19x12mm, Disc.

Lamp work glass bead are used for making jewelry and sometimes for decoration. Owing to the beautiful patterns and decorations on these glass beads, the lampwork jewelry has become a preferred one among all other beaded jewelry. The smaller beads are used for lampwork crafts whereas the larger beads in decorative shapes are used individually for decoration. Special purpose Wholesale Beads like Christmas lampwork beads are also made by lampworking artisans for special occasion Christmas decorations!