Sell and advertise your jewelry

Summer is coming, it’s the time to show your beauty by wearing jewelry. As a jewelry designer, you should let more people know your jewelry, and sell you jewelry to many more others. When fashion people wear your handmade jewelry, you will be pride of it, as you can also enjoy the beauty which is brought by the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, whatever, as long as the jewelry is your creation.

Tibetan silver charms and resin cabochons

Tibetan silver charms and resin cabochons

As to sell jewelry, you have many chooses, you can sell your Tibetan jewelry out of Tibetan silver beads on Ebay or Etsy, which are the two biggest platform providing finished jewelry and jewelry supplies all around the world. You can also have a jewelry party to show all the jewelry designed recently, like the cabochon jewelry with resin cabochons and Pandora style jewelry formed by European beads… Just invite a bunch of co-workers, friends, family, and associates to your home and have a nice brunch while you show them some of your jewelry. You are sure to get some great word of mouth advertising by doing this, as well as sales.

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