Share My Christmas Inspirations, Stick to Hand Made Jewelries

As a  beginner in  jewelry hand made world, to sharing the inspirations with beading lovers is the best time for me.  Since i get most of the inspiration ideas from others’ art pieces as well as i learn new beading techniques from the seniors.  In my opinion, a real craft man will not satisfied of his own work done but wish of others understanding beading techniques and setting up theirs own craft ideas. To sew the hand making seeds in the heart of people and make the world creative and vigorous is the ultimate dream for them.  For me, that it is !

Enough is enough ! No more words but pictures.

Just have a thought of all the items featured with Christmas and you will see this bracelet contains everything you can imagine. Snowflake, Christmas trees, gift boxes, Christmas stars charms, holiday color beads and pendants in varied sizes and shapes.

Enjoy the tinkle-jingle when you dancing in parties.

Moreover, it cost me about two hours to make this piece. Sign………..

Poinsettia is one of the traditional Christmas icons.

So an easy making poinsettia earring will always be a party cute in the joyous Christmas time.

Make a cluster of round lake blue crystals lying on the cylinder red lined decorated lampwork beads.

A vivid Christmas gift box is in front of you.

Pray for best wishes to your loved ones and friends? Let this angel earrings give you a hand.

To string transparent white and light blue crystals to make a wreath shining icy and fresh light.

What’s little cute snowman await for ?

Hope you have a great time. See more inspirations, please visit our Inspiration Project.