Share My Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days that we want to celebrate with women in our lives, your wife, your dear mom or your grandma etc. To express your love and sincere thanks and make something special for them is in your events list? Then you’d better not miss out our carefully designed page especially for the coming Mother’s Day!

We selected featured jewelry beads and supplies with moms in three different roles which help you to choose your desired items easier. Besides, three jewelry design ideas for them are also provided and we hope you can get inspired from here.

No 1. This is for young moms,i choose the pink color as the whole hue of this piece, just as baby's face.
It just creates the atmosphere of warm, romantic, sweet, clam … you have the feeling with me?


Attracted by the color of this pair of earrings? Square sky blue glass beads is as clear as a hard candy while round golden glass beads is as sweet as honey. Joggling chains made up of jump rings also make this design breezy and cherry.

No. 3  Perhaps this kind of jewelry is right for independent moms.

Pearls are always the best choice for mother’s day gift. Pearls in white, blue and silver are suit for young mothers as well as grandma. If you want it bold and shining, just try and add some crystal beads.


This earring featured with a triangle shape made up of three round circles and two long lines. It’s simple elegance with the round blue glass pearl.


Do you want to bring your kind grandma some surprises ? Then you can’t miss out this creation.

If she like geometric figure designs, she must favor this one. It is made of square ceramic beads in dark red and emerald with a hue of vintage.

No. 6

Dark red and emerald, square and rectangle, the match of two colors and two shapes will inevitably create the shape contrast but an overall harmonious beauty.

Do my handmade jewelry pieces inspired your jewelry ideas for women you want to love and thank in your live ?

Then  shop with us and create right now  as Mother’s Day is no less than a month.