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Zacoo, though involved in beads and beads supplies industry in 2005, has a vigorous post-80s team that is creative, young, professional and approachable etc..

Are you likely to find a kind of expanded “about” page that includes information on individual employees? Yeah, they are dying to meet you too!

This page is all about Eric, a website products editor sitting in front of me. Grab the best seat and get set to know about her.

Here is a little more about him, in his own words:

Introduce yourself (your name and where you grew up)

I am Zhang Qiming, you can call me Eric in English. I was born in Da Qing City, Hei Longjiang Province and I just spent my 20th birthday with my friends.

Tell us about it (the city/town you live in)

Daqing is well famous for its rich resource of oil, while it’s still the city of oil painting. It’s totally two different worlds.

Another feature I want to mention is that our town is located among beautiful lakes and rivers.

Name 3 things you never leave home without.

Mobile phone, wallet and sun glasses.

What do you do at

I love work at Zacoo where I can learn lots of knowledge of jewelry industry and improve my ability of communication with others.

Zacoo has more than 100 thousands of products with high quality and competitive price. Yes, they all sourced and purchased by me from different companies. So you know my daily work :>

What are your favorite’s products at

Acrylic BeadsCrystal BeadsPorcelain Beads,Pandora Style Beads are my favorites.

What’s your goal?

I want to be the best in purchasing goods in our industry.

Based on my daily work, I think to set up an effective electronic information system is important for our logistical department. It can greatly save labor cost and reduce the mistakes in our work. I hope one day, with this information system, we can monitor the shortages and repurchase them timely, or we could make a quotation to our customers when they make an inquire to us… Wow, the benefit is countless..

What are your interests outside the Zacoo?

I am busy on work but I will spare my time on reading novel, listening to the music and watching movies with friends.

I love Michael Jackson’s dance, Sylvester Gardenzo Stallone’s The Expendable, they make me crazy.

During my spare time, I also take some sports like play badminton and basketball. Like lots of people, my idol is Air Jordan.

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style

Energetic, honesty, trustful, kind hearted.

Eric’s Fun Facts:

*Eric loves to wear sunglasses on sunny days, rainy days, cloudy days…It makes his cool, maybe. There are two pictures below for comparison and you can judge it yourself.

*Eric is generous to his workmates and friends around him.

* Though he is charge of product sourcing, he loves hand making and will make little gifts to his friends and workmates, especially for girls. Lol…

(I am lucky that I saw he made a bracelet for a girl :>)

*Eric is losing on weight to make him more handsome and manhood.

Let’s see pictures of him…

Butterfly acrylic beads build your dream

Acrylic beads are an economical option to make handmade jewelry. It has the character of durable, light, beautiful and affordable etc. So it is really a good choice for jewelry maker. Acrylic beads are also known as plastic beads. It has various shapes, such as Animal acrylic beads, butterfly acrylic beads, Faceted acrylic beads, Leaf acrylic beads etc.

Acrylic Beads, Assorted, Crown, 25x30x10mm

Acrylic Beads

Hot summer is on the way now. Imagine that, when you are relaxing in a cool place and wearing a pair of jewelry just like a butterfly in the flower and grass, do you think it a really beautiful picture? And you are so charming among so many people, do you have a feeling of proud? Yes, hurry up. Come to pick Butterfly acrylic beads. Join in the ranks of jewelry making. Not only can you get a pretty jewelry and gain a feeling of harvest, but also can enjoy the happy emotion during the process.

We are a profession supplier of various jewelry beads and jewelry findings. And there are millions of different beads for you to choose. We have high reputation from our customers all over the world. So don’t hesitate to pick up one.These beautiful acrylic beads are in great range of colors, shapes, styles and sizes, which will add different accents to your jewelry designs. High quality, lightweight and easy to use, these acrylic beads will be perfect choice for your creation. Browse and find your favorite acrylic beads.

Free Shipping is always available on any orders in our store. And let you satisfied is our final goal. Click our website and give full room to your creativity.

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Why Acrylic beads are so welcome?

It is a good idea to express your artistic talents with acrylic beads

Oval shape, AB Plated style acrylic beads for attractive beaded jewelry

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Acrylic beads bring you into a world blazing with color

Acrylic beads also named as plastic beads. They have an appearance similar to glass beads. However, acrylic beads have properties that make it superior to glass beads in many ways. One of the advantages of acrylic beads is that they can wear for years. It has high durability and it wears well.

Acrylic Beads, Orange, Flower, 16x16x9mm

Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads can be divided into many types such as AB-Plated acrylic beads, alphabet acrylic beads, antique acrylic beads, dice acrylic beads, dreamlike fancy acrylic beads, foil acrylic beads, jelly-like acrylic beads, miracle acrylic beads, pearl acrylic beads, solid acrylic beads, stardust acrylic beads, transparent acrylic beads. According to the shape of acrylic beads, they can also be divided into many types, like animal ones, butterfly ones, faceted ones, flower ones, heart ones, leaf ones, round and irregular ones. In a word, jewelry supplies and acrylic beads bring you into a world blazing with color and give you a feeling of fantastic.

Acrylic beads are an economical option to glass beads for the budget conscious. With vast improvement in technology, acrylic beads are durable, of high quality, affordable and extreme light. For these characters, acrylic beads are loved by many jewelry designers.

As one of the most famous jewelry suppliers and wholesale beads, we provide various kind of fabulous acrylic beads. You can enjoy free shipping if you pick up whatever you like. Moreover, there are many other kinds of beads you may interesting. Tibetan style beads and jewelry findings are all our bestseller. So just seize this opportunity and pick up whatever you like. Welcome to our site and you won’t be disappointed.

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Jewelry designs with acrylic beads

Acrylic beads are the beads which made by acrylic which is a useful, clear plastic that resembles glass. So acrylic beads are also named plastic beads, and they have an appearance similar to glass beads. Designers who use as well as those who deal in wholesale acrylic beads is due to they can find the suitable acrylic beads, for acrylic beads are given many more shape, colors, and forms.

acrylic beads

You can make simple necklaces, earrings, pendants with acrylic beads. You can use only acrylic beads to make these jewelry sets, but also can mix and match with other material beads, such as glass beads, European beads, Chinese crystal beads, wood beads, lampwork beads, metal beads, Tibetan silver beads and so on.

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Oval shape, AB Plated style acrylic beads for attractive beaded jewelry

Why Acrylic beads are so welcome?

It is a good idea to express your artistic talents with acrylic beads

Acrylic beads is the big news this season

Some tips to choose colorful Acrylic Beads

See more at my precious jewelry blog.

Beads in daily life

Different materials make different beads, so beads can be given on a wide variety of forms, styles, and different beads different style. Beads have long played an important role in the lives of many since prehistoric times. The popularity of beads in jewelry making also walks into every person’s life. Jewelry making with the cheap acrylic beads, shinning crystal beads, Pandora style European beads, Thomas Sabo bead charms, and the Tibetan silver beads is no longer in the sole province of professional jewelry makers.

charm beads

charm beads

Beads have been used as a status symbol, as a measurement of wealth, and as a means of trading. They were also objects of art and beauty and long been used in the creation of wearable art. At the same time, Jewelry making has and is making a life-changing and welcomed entrance into many a person’s life.

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Rose in beads

Heart in beads

What are beads?

Where to find discount beads?


For 48 hours only, save 5% on our entire site: With beads ranging from the cheap acrylic beads to the new products resin cabochons and European beads; with jewelry supplies like charms, pendants, chains, Thomas style charms, organizers, and the stringing material. With jewelry findings from bails to terminators all you can get a discount at here. Enter zc526e at checkout to save before the sale ends on Wednesday, May 3, 2011.

discount beads, supplies & findings

discount beads, supplies & findings

Whether you’re looking for jewelry beads or findings, charms or pendants, you’ll find them in this site. No matter purchasing for yourself or as a gift for others who love beading and handmade jewelry by themselves. This is the perfect buying time. View more charming beads for handmade jewelry at, also you can get handmade jewelry ideas from the DIY jewelry blog.

What are jewelry supplies?

In life the best enjoyment is what you do is you like to do, and jewelry making does. Whether a person starts her jewelry for herself, or as gift to others, as long as she loves the process of beading, she has been success in beading. As to handmade jewelry, one need to get all the needed jewelry supplies first, for instance, beads, findings, and jewelry making tools.

Resin Cabochons

Resin Cabochons

As to beads, they come in various choose, including glass beads, gemstone beads, metal beads, Tibetan silver beads, Pandora style beads, European beads, wood beads, lampwork beads, acrylic beads, etc. Finding also has a wide range selection for you too. At the same time, I would like to remind you all that please don’t ignore the effect of jewelry tools for making jewelry. Choosing the correct jewelry tools can let the result much difference. Jewelry supplies for beaded jewelry, beading jewelry and handmade fashion jewelry, so get perfect jewelry making supplies first, and then start your jewelry design.

The more you know about the jewelry making supplies, the more you love beading, and the better your jewelry designs. Our DIY jewelry will always welcome all of you jewelry lovers, and we are happy to share the fun of beading.

It is a good idea to express your artistic talents with acrylic beads

There are different types, size, shape, colors, forms of acrylic beads, alphabet, letters, numbers, and popular symbols like hearts, butterflies and so many others. Acrylic beads can be used in countless ways as long as you get an idea in mind and put it into action, this is the reason why Acrylic beads are so welcome? so there is no wonder that more and more people throughout the world choose to express their artistic talents with these beads.

acrylic beads

acrylic beads

SKU: AR0366, Alphabet Theme Beads, Acrylic Style: Alphabet, Color: Assorted, Shape: Flat Round, Size: 6.0-7.9mm

Acrylic beads is the big news this season. If you love jewelry making, then you can change acrylic beads for different outfits and have a whole new look. Such as these beads with white alphabets can spell out a message or a name, or show your interests or sentiments, or you can create charmed “theme” bracelets, which is a growing trend in modern jewelry. Our DIY beaded jewelry would be your best friend to share the fun of acrylic beads jewelry making, so it’s your time, and be creative to use acrylic beads to build your only charmed jewelry.

Why Acrylic beads are so welcome?

Whether you want to create beaded necklaces, earrings or beautiful bracelets, you will need the essential materials to finish your work. Yes, that is beads. Have you seen the vast amount of beads that are currently available? Yes. Jewelry beads for jewelry come in all shapes, color, size and styles as well. Acrylic beads is the big news this season, so for a jewelry making beginner, one can make beaded dress accessories with acrylic beads.

acrylic beads

acrylic beads

SKU: AR0360, Acrylic Style: Stardust, Bead Size: 8x8x8 mm, Color: Assorted, Shape: Round

Less costly jewelry beads are widely available for making beaded jewelry, why choose acrylic beads? Acrylic beads are so versatile, making them essential beading supplies to almost any beading project, which make beaded jewelry with inexpensive beads becomes a fun hobby that anyone can do. Are you a creative person who wants to make DIY beaded jewelry with these beads? And you are not lacking inspiration for your next project are you? So what are you waiting for? Using acrylic beads in your beading.

Oval shape,AB Plated style acrylic beads for attractive beaded jewelry

Acrylic beads are one of the most popular and least expensive of the craft beads. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these beads also come in a variety of colors, to include red, yellow, black, purple, pink, blue, green, orange, clear, assorted. Acrylic beads style comes from antique to assorted, from dreamlike fancy to Ice Flake, from jelly-like to pearl acrylic, and transparent acrylic. online china beads wholesale store offer the new shape, various colors of acrylic beads. Today our new beads our AB Plated style acrylic beads.

Here are some detailed informations about this AB Plated style acrylic beads.
SKU: AR0367, Bead Size: 10.0-13.9mm, Hole Size: 1.0-1.9mm, Acrylic Style: AB Plated, Shape: Oval, Color: Assorted
Acrylic Beads, made of acrylic, Oval, Assorted, 12mm long, 6mm wide, 6mm thick, Sold per pkg of 10g approx 50 pcs. These acrylic beads can be used for garment findings, beaded curtains decoration, home decoration and other event decoration and they are very popular for Jewelry accessory like necklace, bracelet and earring etc…

You can find this product from,Acrylic Beads, made of acrylic, Oval, Assorted, 12mm long, 6mm wide, 6mm thick, Sold per pkg of 10g approx 50 pcs.

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