What’s the Right Bracelet for You?

Getting the perfect fit for your bracelet can sometimes be daunting. The bracelet size guide will give you an approximate length to work on.

Generally speaking, bracelet size is your wrist measurement plus 1 inch. So when choosing the right bracelet size, firstly get to know your wrist size.  According to the investigation, the average wrist sizes for American women and their equivalent bracelet lengths can be divide into three types.

Small = 5 3/4 inches or less
Average = 6 to 6 3/4 inches
Large = 7 inches or more

How to measure your wrist

To measure your wrist circumference, use a non-stretch tape measure, string or ribbon. Wrap a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper/string around your wrist right above the bone.  If using the paper/string method, mark it where the end meets then measure it with a ruler.  If your wrist falls between quarter inch increments, round up to the nearest quarter inch.

Once you know your wrist size, here’s some tips for selecting your bracelet length!

Add 1/4 – 1/2  inch to your base wrist measurement if you like a snug fitting bracelet or you don’t want your bracelet to move up your arm.  This is suitable for small beaded, stretch, or smaller chain designs only.

Add 3/4 – 1 inch for a comfortable fit.  The bracelets will move freely and charm styles will dangle nicely.

Add 1 1/4 inch for a looser fit.  OK for toggles and best for larger, chunky bead styles.  Also works with stretch charm bracelet styles since they are pretty forgiving.

To summary up, I provide a reference for making woman and children’s bracelet more accurately.

Since every rules has its exceptions. Don’t take this as a standard rule, it’s just the common way we use it to get the right measurements.The best way to find the size of such a bracelet is to make a sample bracelet from a lace or a piece of wire first. Try your sample bracelet on, adjust it for a perfect fit and try the bracelet on again. Measure its length or diameter and you’ll know the size you need.

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