Special Offers on All Crystal Beads 15% Discount Extended to July 31st

To satisfy our honest customers’ requirements, we are going to extend special off on all crystal beads to July 31th. All customers can enjoy 15% discount on all crystals.

We have about 350 SKU for crystal beads in various shapes of round, bicone, rice, rondelle, tear drop etc..

15 popular but very common used colors are in your choice, such as black, blue, gold, gray, green, orange, pink, red, white etc..

If you want to have some crystal effect, you can also find them there with AB effect, special effect and uncoated effect.

The crystal sizes are range from 4mm to 14mm, that such a large span will meet your diverse needs in sizes.

When you choose the beads, you can also enjoy more than hundreds of free jewelry design patterns and step-by-step beading techniques and tutorials.

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All Crystal Beads 15% Off for Your Summer Jewelry Ideas

Good news for crafter!

All crystals is on 15% special sale from July 18th to July 25. Time and chance are limited!

As the scope of this special offer, crystal beads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, these crystal beads are the perfect choice when you want to add an element of colorful brilliance to your creations.

Featured in high quality, delicate workmanship and faceted beauty, these crystal beads can be used in the new designs of earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc.


Just try these crystal beads and enjoy Free Shipping on any orders in our store.

Crystal jewelry is very easy to wear with any outfit

Pendant come more than just accessories, what says a lot about her/his personality. Not just women who put pendants as their accessories, there are several lines of accessories for men that attached with pendant.

crystal pendants

crystal pendants

SKU: CR0239, Top Drilled Pendants, Shape: Teardrop, Color: Pink, Size: 12mm

Crystal beads, crystal pendants make for an elegant and eye-catching accessory during prom night. If you know why crystal beads exceed all others jewelry beads in beaded jewelry, then you will understand why people love crystal pendants so much. Crystal pendants are also perfect for dinner dates or night outs with the family. In fact, crystal pendants can be worn any time and in any occasion, or even for tier daily wear, as well.

Crystal pendant is a very special piece of jewelry and will never be out of fashion. You can wear these crystal jewelries no matter whatever the season, as crystal pendants can match any clothes that you are wearing.

You maybe interested in adding others pendants to your jewelry design, such as brass pendants or Pandora pendants, our DIY jewelry blog will give your some jewelry making ideas. Join us now!

Fine workmanship crystal beads make your jewelry different

Crystal, sparkling with the effervescence of light dancing at its surface and a crystal bead captures this sparkle beautifully, flashing as light strikes its surface. Zacoo provides high quality workmanship crystal beads, which can be used in your beaded jewelry creations, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. Wholesale beads store from china, very famous and very good seller.

Crystal beads with different quality is easy to identify. And good qulity crystal beads almost like diamound, but the poor quality crystal beads do not have that effect. Shining crystal beads fulfill all of your beading needs if you want to make beautiful crystal jewelry.

crystal beads,blue

crystal beads,blue

SKU: CR0008,

Blue Color,

Faceted Shape,

8x6mm Bead Size,

with one hole.

These crystal beads can be used in kinds of decoration and garment findings, and they can  Add sparkle and bright to your jewelry with crystal beads ,such as beaded curtains decoration, home decoration, etc. Why crystal beads exceed all others jewelry beads in beaded jewelry? For they are shining, they are various in colors.

Also you can try them in clusters for plenty of sparkle or use just one or two as accents in a design. Wholesale beads from zacoo, not only do you get  beads a number of colors, you have some that come in all sizes and in all shapes. What’s more you can enjoy Free Shipping in any orders in our store. For more information about these shinning crystal beads you can visit: Faceted Crystal Beads, Blue, Faceted, 8mm long, 6mm thick, with one hole, Sold per pkg of 1strand(72pcs)

Do you want to make crystal beads now? You still do not know how to make crystal jewelry? You can read more articles about our jewelry making blog.