Happy Designing&Learning: How to Fill A Component with Beads

Today’s Happy Designing & Learning , let’s learn one of the basic wire technique that would add special effect to your jewelry design.

For this one, we will learn how to fill a component with beads with wire. We choose a tibiten silver component, crystal beads and 18 gauge silver coated brass wire. Well you can exchange crystal beads to others and choose the right size wire according to the the size and pattern of your components and beads.

Step 1:  Fix the wire to the component by wrapping the wire around one side three times.The circles number wiring on the component depend on your beads size and garage of the wire.

Step 2 : String beads in the wire.

Step 3: String enough beads to fill the width of the component. Pull the wire to the other side of component and wire around this side three times to make it fixed.

Step 4: Pull the wire behind and go through the center of the component. Pull the wire to the other side of the component.

Step 5 : Wire abound this side three times to fix it. Pull the wire to the other side of the component.


Step 6:

Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until the component is filled.

Step 7 :

Finish the end of the wire with a couple of wraps. Cut off excess wire with wire cutters.

Congratulate, a component pendant filled with beads is made by you.