Get Close to Zacoo:Melody

Zacoo, though involved in beads and beads supplies industry in 2005, has a vigorous post-80s team that is creative, young, professional and approachable etc..

Are you likely to find a kind of expanded “about” page that includes information on individual employees? Yeah, they are dying to meet you too!

This page is all about Melody, a sales specialist in charge of jewelry beads and finding in Germany market. Grab the best seat and get set to know about her.

Here is a little more about her, in her own words:

Introduce yourself
My name is Melody. I was born in Mudanjiang City Heilongjiang Province.

Tell us about it
Mudanjiang is a small, beautiful and clean city. There is a famous lake near my hometown, called Jingpo Lake. It is famous for the volcano and the waterfall. The rice and fish there are very delicious.

Name 3 things you never leave home without.
The key, money and telephone are necessary.

What do you do at
I am a sales and responsible for a new account, Kreativperlen. I am new in the company, so I’m still learning things.

What are your favorites products at
I like TS (Tibet silver beads). They are special and unique。

What’s your goal?
I wanna make enough money to make my family and me live a happy and affluent life and to help people and homeless animals.
Travelling all around the world needs money, too.

What are your interests outside the Zacoo?
Recently I like listening to James Hoffman’s songs. They touch me and make me feel relax. My favorite writer is Jin Yong. His novels are classic.

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style
happy, passionate, optimistic

Melody’s Fun Facts:
*Melody, just as her name, is a happy note of Zacoo. Whenever whatever you see her, a sweet smile will always in her face.

* She climbed up the stairs to office even though there is an electric elevator. Please allow me to remind you that our office is in the 20th floor. Ha…

* She loves traveling ,outside sports and finding good place for relaxing. She was admitted to Germany TV plays a few days ago. It talks about life of gays in Germany. She is also a big fan of America Tv plays.

*She is a lovely, kind, tender girl and born in the year of Dragon year in China lunar calendar. Well, the most important thing is that she is single, that means she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she is not getting unmarried…