The different between drop, charms and pendants?

When it comes to pendants, drops and charms, there are lots of choices like European bead charms (clip on charms), crystal drops, prayer box pendants… They are all jewelry supplies used in beading. Although you can use pendants, charms or drops in beading, here I remind all jewelry maker the technical differences between the three.

drop, charms and pendants

drop, charms and pendants

The first is the simplest. A jewelry charm is smaller the 25mm and does not have a fixed bail. Then it’s a drop. A drop has a top-drilled hole that goes from one side to the other. It does not have a fixed bail, loop or jump ring, and does not need to be modified in order to lay correctly when strung. Just look at the crystal in my picture.

Pendants are pieces that are 25mm or larger (not including the bail, loop or jump ring). If it does not have a bail, loop or jump ring, then its hole will be drilled or punched from front to back. If a pendant is smaller than 25mm, it will have a fixed bail or loop (Swarovski is the exception). Look at the Thomas and the Tibetan in my picture.

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Shinning red color crystal pendants sparks like a red diamond

Wholesale beads, jewelry supplies, jewelry findings from zacoo

Making Beaded fashion and charming Jewelry is alleged to be the most favorite hobby today. Many of jewelry designers are just doing it as a past time, and some take it as a professional way of building a business. No matter which kind of jewelry making, making beaded jewelry should not be difficult when you have prepared necessary jewelry making materials and when you know how to make jewelry and have design methods. After that the last thing and the most important thing is add your fresh ideas to inspire and increase your creative. Jewelry supplies is necessity in jewelry making. Supplies for making beaded jewelry involved beads, jewelry supplies, and jewelry findings to finish one’s jewelry design.
Beads can be given any kind of materials and also can be made varies of color, size, shapes. There are various kinds of beads which includes:
Acrylic beads (Being made by plastic, acrylic beads can be given any kind of shape, such as animal acrylic beads, butterfly acrylic beads, faceted acrylic beads, flower acrylic beads, heart acrylic beads, leaf acrylic beads, round acrylic beads or even irregular shaped acrylic beads)
Metal beads
Porcelain beads
Crystal beads
Tibetan style beads
Wood & Nut beads
Pandora style beads
Glass beads (Lampwork beads are the most popular beads for making glass beads jewelry)
Gemstone beads
The fact is that beads are most necessary and the most components of beading jewelry, no matter you are designing jewelry necklace, beaded bracelet or even you are designing a pair of earring, however there are many other jewelry making items are necessary for beaded jewelry.
These items are:
Jewelry chains
Jewelry charms
Apparel and accessory
Stringing materials
Jewelry findings are the components that structure jewelry and are usually used to bind the jewelry itself. Without jewelry findings a jewelry designer can not finish her/his beaded jewelry. Common findings include the following:
crimp beads
Jumps rings
Head pins and eye pins
Earring findings

The fun of beading jewelry with beads

Making jewelry is a way to express your creativity with combinations of color, texture and style.Wear the jewelry design by yourself is a wonderful feeling, as it personalizes your jewelry, the others would praise your design like that: woo, how did you make it? It is very beautiful and charming, lovely jewelry. The process of beading jewelry with beads also give you fun. You can also handmade jewelry with beads as a gift to friends, parents, classmates, they will love you jewelry very much. There are virtually unlimited numbers of beading projects that you can get started with. Jewelry beads are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles. Acrylic beads, porcelain beads,gemstone beads, Tibetan style beads, glass beads, wood & nut beads, choose your favorite beads adding to you jewelry design and buy them online store, which providing wholesale beads or retail beads, and even jewelry supplies for jewelry making, as online buying you have many choose and advantages you can consider online shopping beads and supplies for fashion jewelry. One of the most popular types of beading design work is the bracelet. A complement bracelet is very easy to do and there are also many different varieties of charm bracelets and memory wire bracelets that you can sink your teeth into. Necklaces are great place to start and are also the most popular beading project. Necklaces can be as simple or as complex as you feel like making them and there are lots of different styles and ideas that you can try. The easy designs can be completed in an hour or two, while something extravagant might take one or more days to complete. Adding a charming fashion jewelry charms to your necklaces to make the design different. Also in the top three is earrings. I think we are beginning to see a pattern here – jewelry. Earrings are very easy to reproduce and can be as large as you would want them to be, but be careful about making them too heavy or they will pull on your lobes of the wearer.

Preparations before making jewelry chains

Chains have been a mainstay of jewelry since humans learned to craft metal into decorative objects. A jewelry chain is an essential in any jewelry collection. It’s versatile, able to be worn alone or carrying pendants.
To start making jewelry chains, you’ll need to purchase an assortment of basic supplies for making wire jewelry. For example:
Beads: Beads are not strictly necessary for making jewelry chains, although many designs do incorporate beaded accents into the finished piece.
Wire: Wire is sold in sizes that are called gauges. For most general purpose projects, 20 gauge wire is sufficient. If you require lighter and more flexible wire, however, look for a spool of 22 gauge wire.
Jump rings: Some chains can be constructed entirely from jump rings, but these findings are also useful for adding jewelry charms and pendants to the finished chain.
Pliers: Many different types of pliers are used in making jewelry. If you’re just getting started, look for a kit that includes round nose, chain nose, and needle nose pliers.
Wire cutters: The wire used to make jewelry can’t be cut by an ordinary pair of scissors.
Clasps: Whether you prefer a toggle clasp or lobster clasps, you need to have some way to open and close your finished chain.

How to make a jewelry making supplies business?

If you want to do jewelry supplies for jewelry making business, what kind of things do you want to prepare before open a store?
1.Decide on the products and style you want for your products. Check your products and make sure that your products are unique and well-crafted, with fine quality so that you can compete and you can get your own market share in this highly competitive industry.
2. Start online. If you want to test the waters in the jewelry charms industry, it can be wise to get started first online. This will help save you from cost of putting up your building and space as well. If you start online, you can also reach out to a wider audience in less time, thus it can be ideal. Of course, putting up an online store is easier than putting up a physical store.
3. Decide on your budget. If you have summed up the budgetary requirements for your business and you find yourself short of the amount, you can also decide on where to get additional money capital.
4. Make your business plan. Going into a business without a business plan can be suicide, so make sure that you have set up your business plan before getting too excited to put up your online store.
5. Find ways to reach out to your target market and your potential customers. If you want to start online, you can actually find a lot of ways to help you sell your products and introduce your products like jewelry findings to most people. There are also a lot of online marketing techniques that you can use as well.

Tibetan style jewelry provides you with ancient rhymes and exotic ambience

Now not only women love jewelry, but also men love jewelry very much. Jewelry can be worn every day or it might just be worn for special ceremonies and events like meditation or an organized, group spiritual function. As its ethnic appearance, Tibetan style jewelry are very fascinating and nobody can resist the great charm of them. Making Tibetan jewelry is wonderful. One of our featured products is Tibetan style items. It include Tibetan style beads and Tibetan style jewelry findings, such as Tibetan Style Spacer Beads, Tibetan Style bookmarks, Tibetan Style clasps, and etc.
Tibetan Style Charms, made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, 27mm long, 25mm wide, 2mm thick
We also have Tibetan style jewelry supplies for jewelry making, like Tibetan style charms, Tibetan silver charms… You can buy wholesale beads or retail as you like.
TS4179, Tibetan Style Clasps, made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, Clasp, 37mm long, 22mm wide, 2mm thick
Anybody who likes ancient rhymes and exotic ambience, Tibetan style jewelry is their best choice. Tibetan style jewelries will bring you such feeling.
MB0486, Pendants, Made of brass, Antique Copper, Heart, 22.5mm long, 19mm wide, 5.5mm thick
You can use Tibetan style jewelry charms and Tibetan style jewelry finding to make a necklace. Charms add a personalized touch to jewelry designs and are great for creating sentimental gifts for friends and loved ones.
Ts3501, Tibetan Style Charms, made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, Cross, 58mm long, 38mm wide, 4mm thick
You also can use the Tibetan beads to decorate your house to create that atmosphere. For instance, you can use those wholesale beads with different shapes, colors and sizes to beading your furniture, such as ancient wall clock, droplight, table or desk and many others with ancient rhymes.

Making jewelry with wood beads and jewelry charms

Wood beads have been common across many cultures in their traditional forms of jewelry and adornment. Wood is not just for decoration! Rich colors and beautiful natural wood grain makes it an ideal material for making jewelry unusual. There are three benefits of Wood wholesale beads: Firstly, the lightness of wood beads makes them great for chunky bracelets and necklaces. They can create a very chunky look without the weight of regular jewelry beads; Secondly, they can be naturally treated, painted, stained or sanded to give stunning range of effects; Thirdly, wood beads can be carved into shapes like animals, patterns or symbols, and this craftsmanship can be extremely impressive; Fourthly, The softness of wood makes it easy to fashion into a bead through carving a hole and making the exterior smooth.
Jewelry charms can be used in conjunction with beads to create interesting pieces. They can also be used alone as a pendant on a necklace, or drop on an earring. Jewelry charms can be very versatile. There are many beaded craft online stores providing such jewelry supplies. Held in place in the jewelry by a small hole through their top, jewelry charms are usually used with jump-rings (one kind of jewelry findings, used to make connections between various parts of a piece of jewelry, such as beads and clasps or beads and ear wires.). Jump-rings hold the jewelry charm in place, so that it faces the correct way. Jewelry charms are usually only patterned on one side, so the use of a jump-ring can be extremely important to ensure that the decorative side is showing.

Jewelry findings-for your hand make beaded work

Beaded jewelry making is a relaxing way to be creative, and more and more people join to beaded work. You can make your own unique jewelry that you can enjoy for yourself or give away as gifts to your families and friends. The process of jewelry making and the enjoyment of finishing your beads art are wonderful. Making hand beaded jewelry involves using many specific tools, threads, beads and jewelry findings (findings is the name given to the many small components that support, finish, and secure a piece of jewelry.)
Jump Rings are small circles of metal wire that have a simple cut; when manipulated, this cut allows the ring to open and close to enable links between other findings and threading material and the attachment of jewelry charms beads.
Crimp Beads are small metal components that are designed to squeeze shut with the force of pliers securing the wire that was threaded through it. Crimps are used to secure beads and findings but can also create a decorative affect throughout the piece of jewelry.
Eye pins are used to make dangle drop earrings, or as links in a necklace or bracelet; Head pins are most commonly used to create an end to a dangle drop earring. Eye Pins are pieces of metal wire pre-cut to a certain size with a loop at one end. This loop allows the pin to be linked to something else. The end that is straight can then be made into a loop with round-nose pliers (jewelry supplies), thus creating a complete link between other findings (one at each end). Head Pins are pins with one flattened end to prevent the escaping of beads that are fed onto it; the other end can then be made into a loop using round-nose pliers just like the eye pin.

Tibetan Style Charms invent a new system for charm bracelets and necklaces

Jewelry Charms add a personalized touch to jewelry designs and are great for creating sentimental gifts for friends and loved ones. Jewelry Charms for necklaces and jewelry charms for bracelets can be traced back to the time of the Egyptians. Jewelry Charms have represented a particular status or a membership in an elite group throughout history. Most importantly, jewelry charms were, and still are, treasured by their owners. Like jewelry beads and jewelry findings, choosing jewelry charms as a gift is a meaningful, symbolic gesture reinforced by the sincerity of your personal attention when selecting the jewelry charm. Jewelry Charms are increasing in popularity is because of the huge variety of charms available to select from.

Tibetan Style Charms, made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, Clock

There is a huge selection of jewelry charms available today, with a jewelry charm for every season and every reason. Many women find collecting jewelry charms addictive, and will include a many bracelets in their collection. The ease of removing and replacing jewelry charms make for endless combinations. A bracelet can be fashioned to correspond with any mood or occasion. ?

Tibetan Style Charms, made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, Oval

Tibetan Style Charms products are popular all over the world with competitive price, fast delivery and efficient service. Tibetan Style Charms invented a new system for charm bracelets and necklaces, which added a new dimension in collecting jewelry.

Tibetan Style Charms, made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, Bicycle

Our Tibetan Style charms and Tibetan style beads are very popular used for fashion jewelry such as necklace, bracelet and earring etc… They are best sell in our store and loved by all our customs. Fashion with new style can make your jewelry even beautiful.

Jewelry charms make all the difference in jewelry making

Charms (for the purpose of making jewelry) have a long and varied history. The first recognizable charm necklaces appeared in ancient Egypt. More recently, Louis Vuitton has declared them a must-have jewelry accessory for any occasion.
A plain gold charm bracelet or necklace is nothing extraordinary until something special comes along and adds personalization and pizzazz to the design to make it spectacular. Jewelry Charms can make all the difference in the world. When the right selection is made, distinction will be guaranteed. Whether they are meant to go on a gold charm bracelet, a necklace or something different entirely, jewelry charms transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
The real beauty of jewelry charms is found in the diversity of choices available. Jewelry charms can range from beautiful vintage pieces and Jewelry Beads to elaborate crosses, jewels and beyond. The selection can astound and will not fail to delight even the most particular of tastes. Jewelry charms are ideal for personal purchase and they make especially fantastic gifts that will not be forgotten by recipients.
As with most types of bracelets, you have countless different charms to collect for your dangling bracelet. And, like the European and Italian types of bracelets, you can wear a bracelet to represent a theme or to switch them around to fit your mood or match your outfit. The main reason why charm bracelet is increasing in popularity is because of the huge variety of charms available to select from.
When it comes to jewelry Charms and jewelry findings, there is no place better to look than We work with the best jewelry beads to ensure that you have the very best. When you come to you can choose from wholesale Beads, acrylic beads, mental beads, tibetan style beads, and etc.

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of year. It is a time to be with friends and family to share good food and good company. It is also a time for giving. Jewelry Charms add a personalized touch to jewelry designs and are great for creating sentimental gifts for friends and loved ones. This Christmas season embrace the spirit of giving by sharing some of our enchanting jewelry charms with your friends and family.

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