Use Antique Tibetan Silver Beads to Add Special New Sense for Jewelry


Tibetan Silver beads are widely used in jewelry design. Unlike focal pendants, it not the eye-catching parts at the first sight. But to put the stylish Tibetan silver beads into inspiration project properly will greatly enhance and bring new sense of the jewelry piece, like senses of restoration, tribal, classic, romantic, simplicity etc..


Those Tibetan silver beads are various from 1.0 to 70 mm in sizes as well as colors like antique brass, vintage copper and silver to satisfied your multiple jewelry designs. More than 40 kinds of beads shapes with unique patterns and carves are great treasure for jewelry designs.

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Happy Designing&Learning:Use Memory Wire to Create Your Bracelet

Hi, it’s Happy Designing&Learning that everyone can enjoy happiness and learn something for a day, especially for the beginners of the splendid beading world.
There’s no easier way to make bracelets, rings, or necklaces than with memory wire. Today, follow me and create your memory wire piece with the following materials and tools.

Materials: Memoriy Wire, Beads Tools: Round Nose Pliers,Chain Nose Pliers,Bent Nose Pliers
Step 1 Start with your memory wire piece by making a loop on one side of the coil of wire.
Step 2 Rotate the pliers to make a loop. Tip: Memory wire is stiff metal and hard to bend. Try positioning the wire between your finger and the tool for stability and control.
Step3 String beads on your memory wire. Once you have strung all of your beads, cut your wire with a memory wire cutter to. Make sure to leave approximately a 1/2″.
Step 4 Grasp the end of the memory wire with your round nose pliers so the end of the wire is just showing.
Step 5

Rotate the pliers to form a loop. Reposition your pliers by opening your round nose pliers (but do not pull the pliers out of the loop). Again, grasp the wire and continue rotating the wire until a complete loop is formed.

Step 6

Each end of your memory wire piece will have a loop.

Tip: You can add a charm to the one or both of the ending loops to embellish your memory wire piece.

Now, select the beads you like either stunning crystal beads , colored wood beads , flowery cacrylic beads or natural stone beads and get start to make your own design.

Lampwork beads, a new fad of jewelry lovers

As jewelry making can personalize one’s personalities, people are focusing on pursuing their own personalities by beaded jewelry themselves. As an integral part of every jewelry design, you can select jewelry beads from your wholesale beads according to your style needs, and today we will talk about lampwork beads, the one, lampwork beads, the hottest art forms in jewelry making. The term “lampwork” refers to a technique used to create this kind of beads. Because making lampwork beads requires a special process, no two beads are exactly the same.

lampwork beads

lampwork beads

SKU: LS8029, Assorted color, Oval shape with Silver Foils, 16x11x11mm.

Lampwork beads are type of bead made from glass. The colors and styles of these beads vary widely, and it can be stretched and pulled into any shape imaginable. As one of popular jewelry components, they’ve been widely used in beaded necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. If you are imaginable, then you can enjoy the fun of beading jewelry with beads. Those beads becomes the most favorable type of glass jewelry, for the design possibilities for creating many different shapes and patterns of lampwork beads are endless.

For detailed information about this lampwork beads, click here: Lampwork Glass Beads, Silver Foils, Assorted, 16x11x11mm, Oval, sold per pkg of 10pcs (Color selected randomly). Fashion with new style can make your jewelry even beautiful, try these fashion lampwork beads. If you are a jewelry designer, love and interested in making your own jewelry, our jewelry making blog will give you some jewelry making ideas, have a look at it!